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Gas Environment Monitoring System


Gas Environment Monitoring System

The automatic ambient air station quality monitoring system developed by Fuguang is an integrated system with automatic monitoring instruments as collection front-end, with wireless data communication devices as a key note, with mobile operators’ data network as communication channels, and with background monitoring software with complete functions as support. The center introduces the relevant parameter data into the background monitoring and management system for data collection, sorting and comprehensive analysis and has the data converted into detailed information, then has it displayed on the monitoring terminal or on the big screen in real time. The staff can also perform monitoring at the monitoring center or office and obtain timely data report at any time, achieving remote unattended monitoring.

System Architecture

System Features

Using point instruments to form an automatic monitoring system.
The system can sample automatically.
All instruments have good anti-interference ability.

All monitoring and analysis output data can be converted to standard concentration.
The monitoring system can continuously sample and analyze, and set time automatically for gas monitoring and the entire substation can be unattended.
The system can realize automatic data transmission, remote automatic and manual control, fault diagnosis and basic alarm functions. The entire system has an effective data capture rate of better than 90%.

Data collection and transmission are complete, accurate and reliable, and the error between the collection value and the measured value is ≤ 1%. The technical performance of the instrument has reached the European and American standards, and has passed the Chinese environmental protection certification.




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