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Urban Inland River Monitoring System

Urban Inland River Monitoring System:

Due to the uncertainty of water quality pollution in urban rivers, we have developed a set of solutions that can be applied to urban rivers, industrial rivers, water intake channels, etc. According to river management, tributaries, and pollution, we have adopted riverway-type buoy water quality monitoring, riverway-type float bowel water quality monitoring, and cabinet-type water quality monitoring to monitor quality of water at key points, which have become  effective measures to master real-time water quality information and alarm warning of changes in water quality timely. Moreover, the installation of this system is simple, the debugging is convenient and reliable, and the floor space it occupies is small or it even does not need to occupy an area.

User Value

For river monitoring systems, such as that in urban rivers, industrial rivers, water intake channels, river tributaries, and pollution sources all will be restricted by the surrounding environment, and the available space is small, which will cause much inconvenience for the implementation of the project. We have developed the “Riverway-type buoy water quality monitoring system”, “riverway-type floating bowel water quality monitoring system” and “cabinet-type water quality monitoring system”, which are easy to install and transport, reducing the impact on the environment and the waste of human, material and financial resources. These systems have been successfully applied in many water quality monitoring projects.

Features of Riverway-type Buoy Monitoring System

1. Simple to install, easy to debug and maintain, no need of land acquisition for power supply.
2. With good environmental adaptability, it is suitable for being deployed in rivers in the city, industrial rivers, water intake channels, etc., and the deployment density depends on the management of the river, tributaries and pollution sources.
3. Power supply system: Solar panel 40W, battery 60AH (can be customized). It uses solar power supply and supports external backup battery, which effectively guarantees the continuous operation in continuous rainy days.
4. Buoy Size: Diameter: 0.6 m; overall height: 0.6 m; weight: 15KG (customizable). The material is a polymer material with good impact and corrosion resistance, and it is durable.
5. Measurement Parameters: Monitoring of PH, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity.
6. With safety warning lights, so it can be clearly positioned at night, avoiding being hit.
7. Good expansion capabilities: GPS, Bluetooth and other functions configurable.

                            Riverway-type Floating Bowel Water Quality Monitoring
Features of Riverway-type Integrated Cabinet Monitoring System

1. It is simple to install and debug and can meet the outdoor and unattended installation requirements.
2. The use of a removable housing structure in the machine reduces the cost of site construction, features high integration, makes it easy to install and transport, and makes it convenient for relocation of monitoring sites, and produces low environmental impact.
3. Cabinet Size: 0.8 m (long) * 0.4 m (wide) * 1.6 m (high) The cabinet covers an area of ​​1-2 square meters, and is generally double-door type (can be customized).
4. The system has lightning protection, fire prevention, anti-theft, moisture, abnormal alarm and other functions.

5. It produces little impact on the environment and it is movable. It can adjust measures according to local conditions and sample nearby, ensuring the instantaneity and representativeness of the water samples to be tested.
6. The construction period is short, and both the construction cost and operating cost are lower than that of fixed monitoring points.
7. All instruments use probe installation, which facilitates the operation and maintenance of operating personnel.

                                        Cabinet-type Water Quality Monitoring

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