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Marine Water Quality Monitoring System

Marine Water Quality Monitoring System:

China has 18,000 km of coastlines. With the development of economy, sewage discharge from particularly offshore cities has become an important source of pollution. However, the current water quality monitoring is mainly directed at the monitoring stage of the estuary, and the data collection interval is long, so it difficult to actually reflect the real ecological environment in the coastal waters. The seawater environment real-time monitoring system integrating data acquisition, transmission and control has been developed by Fuzhou Fuguang Water Co., Ltd. It enables the buoy-type monitoring system to simultaneously measure various parameters such as DO, PH, ammonia nitrogen, water temperature and salinity, and the system transmits the measured signal to the control room through GRPS wireless transmission over RTU or BeiDou satellite, and the system conducts corresponding controls accordingly.

System Architecture:

System composition: The system is composed of field monitoring, network communication and monitoring center data service platform three parts.

(1)The system is composed of field monitoring
(2)Network Communication
(3)Mnitoring Center Data Service Platform Three Parts

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