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Aquaculture Monitoring System

Aquaculture Monitoring System:

The on-site monitoring point consists of the monitoring system and the constrol system monitoring center. The monitoring system includes water quality analyzer (PH, temperature, dissolved oxygen); the control system includes the PLC system, the data transmission system, the lightning protection module and field equipment power distribution system, etc., and the data monitoring center consists of hardware and software. The hardware includes servers, routers and so on.

System Architecture
System Composition:

The system consists of intelligent sensing devices, wired transmission networks, controllers, and monitoring platforms.
(1) Intelligent Sensing Device
According to the requirements of aquaculture on water quality, the system can simultaneously monitor dissolved oxygen and conductance.
(2) Transmission Network
The system uses GPRS wireless technology for data transmission, and has the features of stable transmission and low cost. The data collector processes the collected water quality information and transmits the data to the center station.
(4) Monitoring Platform
The user can monitor the water quality parameters in real time through the monitoring platform. At the same time, the monitoring computer analyzes and processes the data, makes control decisions, and sends control instructions to each sub-station through the fiber optic network.


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