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Disease Control Peripheral Water Quality Monitoring

Disease Control Peripheral Water Quality Monitoring

Disease Control Peripheral Water Quality Monitoring:

With the promulgation and implementation of the National Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water, local governments have paid more and more attention to the quality of tap water, and the importance of water quality parameter monitoring has become increasingly evident. Domestic water quality online monitoring system is a water quality automatic monitoring system established on site. It is used to continuously monitor the water quality changes of the tested water body, record the water quality condition objectively, discover the abnormal water quality changes in time, and realize the water quality report on the water supply. The aim is to master the water quality of the official drinking water network, such as residual chlorine, turbidity, and PH, prevent and control water pollution accidents, and provide technical services to the environmental protection administrative department.

System Architecture
System Advantages

A. Achieve automatic and real-time remote network monitoring.
B. Realize the real-time water quality monitoring of the pipe network.
C. Provide water supply monitoring indicators in line with national standards and establish efficient and accurate pipeline network monitoring mechanisms.
D. Provide a reliable basis for efficient and long-term stable operation of the pipe network.