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Station - type automatic water quality monitoring system


System overview

Station type water quality automatic monitoring station is set up in lakes and reservoirs, and source of drinking water, river basin, such as the automatic water quality monitoring laboratory, is a number of water quality monitoring analysis instrument together, combining with the corresponding software, control water, filtering, settling, cleaning and instrument analysis, data storage, real-time monitoring and control system composed of data transmission, etc. The system has the functions of remote control, data sorting, excessive record, power failure protection and automatic call recovery. To master water quality and pollutant flux, prevent and cure water pollution accidents, and provide technical services for environmental protection management departments.

Characteristics of fixed station

◆ Monitoring Parameter Complete: Monitors all water quality parameters, which is the most complete configuration of all monitoring station modes.

 High safety performance: The station house has high tightness and the highest safety index of all monitoring station modes.

◆ long service life: A fixed station house is a permanent station house and has a long service life.

◆ has high expansibility: instrument and pretreatment are all integrated in the cabinet, the station room has large space in normal situation, and the subsequent expansibility is good. The function can be designed in the most comprehensive way when designing. It is applicable to the situation of large number of instruments.

Satisfy China's environmental monitoring station of the surface water quality automatic monitoring station station and gas drainage technology requirements (try out) ", the surface water quality automatic monitoring station installation acceptance technical requirements (try out) ", the surface water automatic monitoring instrument communication protocol specification (try out) "and" the surface water automatic monitoring system for communication protocol specification (try out) "the relevant requirements and relevant Technical specification.

System architecture



System function

◆ has the function of setting the operating cycle (continuous or intermittent) of the instrument and system, which provides conventional, emergency, quality control and other operating modes.

◆ has the function of recording and uploading abnormal information, such as water extraction fault, component fault, overrange alarm, overstandard alarm, reagent shortage alarm, etc.

◆ has the function of uploading and remote setting key parameters of the instrument, and can accept remote control instruction.

◆ can implement automatic standard sample verification and automatic standard recovery test for automatic water quality analysis instrument of permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, and has the function of automatic sample retention.

◆ ensures the stable transmission of monitoring data and status information of instrument and system operation;

◆ has the function of automatically empties water sample and reagent, automatically cleans the pipeline, and automatically resets to standby state after power is removed and re-energized.

◆ has the capability to record analytical instrument and system process log and environmental parameter and upload to the central platform;

◆ SMS alarm: when abnormal monitoring data occurs, a SMS alarm is generated to control the abnormal water quality situation in real time (SMS sends alarm site, alarm factor, alarm value, etc.).

◆ monitoring station operating environment meets the requirements of intelligence, provides a stable and good operating environment for equipment and instruments, and enables remote collection of operating environment status information and remote control of the operating environment.



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