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Orbisphere 6110 beverage packaging analyzer

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Orbisphere 6110 beverage packaging analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
No sample preparation
Hach's Orbisphere 6110 packaging analyzer does not require sample preparation-saving time-consuming water bath heating and shaking to achieve gas phase equilibrium. Because there is no need for sample preparation, this also makes the 6110 analyzer a choice for direct filter analysis.
Analyze in the bottle
The 6110 Analyzer does not need to remove any product from the container when analyzing beverages. Since the measurement is performed in the gas phase, there is no direct liquid contact with the oxygen or carbon dioxide sensor. This simplifies maintenance and eliminates problems such as cleaning of contaminated contaminants and fading of pipes and valves, thus preventing pollution.
Measurement results that are not affected by the operator
The 6110 can provide more repeatable analysis with very little operator interference. Whether it is verification or calibration, it can be run automatically through programming, which can save time and ensure the accuracy of the measurement. When inserting a sample, the positioning aid and laser sight can confirm the position. Simply press the button and the instrument can perform the analysis.
Data integrity
Using the 6110 LIMS / OPC communication protocol to store and recall measurement results can prevent data from being tampered and maintain data integrity. An independent audit trail can ensure data traceability.
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