Automatic Control System for Water Supply and Drainage Plants, and Water Supply and Drainage Pump Stations

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1.1 Water Supply and Drainage Automation Control System
The water supply and drainage automation system reliably realizes the automatic monitoring of the entire process of all water treatment equipment and various production links in the water supply plant and the sewage treatment plant, and achieves unattended operation and automation degree of fewer people on duty in the control center, making the entire water supply and drainage system achieve automatic control.
System Features:

1. High reliability and stability
2. High openness
3. The system has good real-time performance and strong anti-interference ability

System Content: Include on-site PLC control system, water quality online monitoring system, central control monitoring system, data transmission communication system, video security protection monitoring system.
System Benefits:

Reduce the labor intensity of production and operation workers;
Improve the reliability and stability of water treatment and production;
Reduce production costs and improve production management;
Reduce quality accidents.

1.2 Pump Station Information System
System Introduction
As an important facility in urban construction, the pump station has the features of large in quantity and wide in distribution. The pump station information system, based on the “three-in-one network” and wide-area monitoring network of VPN technology, realizes the “three-in-one” management mode, namely, carrying out decentralized control and centralized management over a large number of pump stations dispersed in a wide area; realizes unattended operation of the pump station, comprehensive monitoring, information processing, on-site production scheduling and command, and other functions, and significantly reduces energy consumption, improves management quality, and management efficiency, has great realistic meaning.
System Functions

Observe the operation status of each water supply and drainage pump station in the area in real time
Control controllable equipment for each water supply and drainage pump station in the area
Record of historical operation information of each pump station
Generation and output of various reports and records
Processing and recording of alarm signals
Realize video visual management of the pump station

System Features

A high degree of automation
Complete performance, mature technology
A high integration level
Good openness and sound structure


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