Water Supply Network Leakage System

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2.1DMA Water Supply Network Leakage Management System
1.System Overview
Based on the DMA (District Metering Area) leakage management technology, Fuguang Water Supply Network Leakage Management System conducts zoning plan and design to the targeted area by combining with the poor production and sales, management work demand and network structure features of the supply company, implements key control to areas with prominent leakage problems selected through assessment, gradually reduces poor production and sales of the network accordingly and introduces the platform monitoring for a long time to maintain it in a low level.
System construction is mainly carried out according to the following steps (as shown below)
2.Main Functions:

1) On-line monitoring of operating conditions of water supply network (pressure, flow, water quality, intrusion);
2) Online monitoring of DMA minimum flow at night;
3) Subarea leakage assessment;
4) Historical data backtracking;
5) Tracking of leakage control schedule;
6) Personnel inspection management function;
7) Equipment and working condition abnormality alarms;
8) Management performance assessment.

2.2 Municipal Pipeline GIS Geographic Information System
1. System Overview

 Fuguang municipal pipeline network GIS geographic information system is developed on the basis of SuperMap, the best two-dimensional integrated GIS platform in China. It adopts advanced architecture technology, space data database building technology, and network technology, has strong scalability and high operating efficiency, it is easy to use and maintain, and it can meet the information management needs of large and medium-sized pipe network facilities in domestic enterprises. The system supports multiple clients such as web browsers, smart mobile terminals, and traditional client login mode applications. It also provides system data interfaces with traditional system platforms such as SCADA, MIS, customer service information systems, and office automation to avoid the emergence of “Information Isolated Island” in water companies. The system organically integrates discrete measurement points and zoning information with the physical pipeline network of the pipeline network. It plays a full role in the management of pipeline network equipment, planning and design, accident repair, production scheduling and customer service, and improves the modern management and service of the water supply enterprises. This system has laid a solid foundation for the construction of smart water services from various aspects such as data, management, technology, and manpower.

2. System Function

The system is based on an electronic map of water supply pipe network that combines dynamic and static data, as well as B/S and C/S dual systems. It performs property query, positioning, statistics, and analysis of pipelines and various facilities; outputs the various query and statistical results; provides valve closing plan for the repair and maintenance of pipeline burst and leakage accidents, and provides aid decision making support for the optimization and expansion of the pipe network. Through the integration of GIS, the system integrates pipe network graphic database, attribute database and external database into one, which makes both graphic and texts available, achieves accuracy and high efficiency, and facilitates dynamic update. This has laid a good foundation for the optimal scheduling of the pipeline network in the future, and greatly improved the management efficiency and social service level of the pipeline network.
Query integrated pipe gallery information of water supply, drainage, electricity and many other industries.

2.3 Water Supply Network Peripheral Water Quality Monitoring

The online monitoring of the water quality of the water supply network can be applied to all aspects of the recycling of water resources to achieve real-time continuous monitoring of drinking water, production and water supply. The system plays an important role in grasping the water quality of the pipeline network, alerting major or sudden water pollution accidents, and ensuring the safety of drinking water.

System Features:
1. Real-time
2. Reliable
3.  Forward-looking


System Content:Include water quality online analysis instrument unit, data acquisition and wireless transmission unit, center station control unit and auxiliary unit.

System Benefits:
Provide water quality monitoring information for water quality managers throughout the year;
Promote the water company’s level in serving the people’s livelihood;
Provide reasonable system decision-making basis for the operation of the pipeline network;
Prevent water pollution accidents.


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