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The pollution source online monitoring system is a comprehensive system composed of an online water quality automatic analyzer which is the core, relevant special analysis software and communication networks concurrently. It applies modern sensor technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, and computer application technology. The general monitoring parameters include: COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, PH, conductivity, and flow. Through the environmental protection data acquisition instrument, the digital signal of the instrument is sent to the EPA supervision platform in real time, realizing the real-time monitoring of the enterprise’s pollutant discharge situation.



System Architecture:
Monitoring site side – The monitoring site front-end acquisition equipment is mainly divided into water quality online analysis equipment, data acquisition system and video monitoring equipment;
Transmission network--The transmission network is composed of wired network, wireless network, local area network, etc., and the information interconnection between the monitoring site and the monitoring center is realized through the transmission network;
Central Management Platform--The central management platform consists of a management server, a database server, and a WEB server. It implements video surveillance, information release, data statistics and analysis, data backup, and other management functions.


System Benefits:
Replace manual detection, avoid discontinuous monitoring and improve monitoring efficiency;
Satisfy the environmental monitoring work and timely find the phenomenon of secrete drainage and drain leakage;
Realize data networking and improve the transparency of environmental supervision;
Provide data reference for traceability of environmental pollution.

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