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Station type water quality automatic monitoring system


System Overview

The station-type water quality automatic monitoring station is an on-site water quality automatic monitoring laboratory set up in lakes, reservoirs, drinking water sources, rivers and other basins. It is a combination of multiple water quality monitoring and analysis instruments, combined with corresponding software, to achieve A real-time monitoring system consisting of water intake, filtration, sand settling, cleaning, instrument analysis, data storage, and data transmission. The system has functions such as remote control, data sorting, over-standard recording, power outage protection and automatic call recovery. To achieve the purpose of mastering water quality and pollutant flux, preventing and controlling water pollution accidents, and providing technical services for environmental protection management departments.


Fixed station characteristics

●  Complete monitoring parameters: all water quality parameters can be monitored, and the configuration is the most complete among all the monitoring station modes.

 High safety performance: The station building is highly sealed, and the safety index is the highest among all monitoring station modes.

 Long service life: The fixed station building is a permanent station building with a long service life.

 High scalability: meters, pre-processing, etc. are all integrated in the cabinet, the station room under normal conditions is large, the subsequent scalability is good, the functions can be designed in the most comprehensive design, and it is suitable for situations with a large number of meters.

Meet the "Surface Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station, Station Building and Drainage Technical Requirements (Trial)", "Surface Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station Installation and Acceptance Technical Requirements (Trial)", and "Surface Water Automatic Monitoring Instrument Communication Protocol" Relevant requirements and relevant technical specifications in Technical Requirements (Trial)" and "Technical Requirements for Surface Water Automatic Monitoring System Communication Protocol (Trial)".


system structure



System functions

●It  has the function of setting the operation cycle (continuous or intermittent) of the instrument and the system, and has multiple operation modes such as routine, emergency, and quality control;

●It  has abnormal information recording and uploading functions, such as water collection failure, component failure, over-range alarm, over-standard alarm, lack of reagent alarm and other information;

●It  has the functions of uploading key parameters of the instrument and remote setting, and can accept remote control instructions;

●It  can realize the automatic standard sample verification, automatic standard addition recovery rate test and other quality control functions of the automatic analysis instrument for permanganate index, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen water quality, and has the function of automatic sample retention;

 Ensure stable transmission of monitoring data and status information of instrument and system operation;

●It has the  functions of automatically emptying water samples and reagents, automatically cleaning the pipeline, and automatically resetting to the standby state after the power is turned on again;

●It  has the functions of analyzing instrument and system process log recording and environmental parameter recording, and can be uploaded to the central platform;

 SMS alarm: When the monitoring data is abnormal, send SMS alarm to control the abnormal situation of water quality in real time (SMS sends alarm site, alarm factor, alarm value and other information);

●The  operating environment of the monitoring station meets the requirements of intelligence, provides a stable and good operating environment for equipment and instruments, can remotely collect operating environment status information, and can realize remote control of the operating environment.



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