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Container-type water quality automatic monitoring system


System Overview

"Container-type water quality automatic monitoring system" is a water environment automatic monitoring system suitable for automatic monitoring of the water quality of rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and other water sources. The structural design of the movable container shell and the modularized functional design of free combination of monitoring parameters meet the environmental requirements of unattended, remote control, and long-term stable operation, and greatly reduce the construction cost of the surface water station, and the integration is high. It is easy to install and transport, easy to relocate and change the monitoring location, and has little impact on the environment.


User value

At present, the monitoring of various water systems in natural river basins (ie, monitoring of surface water) generally adopts the methods of site selection, land acquisition, civil engineering, equipment installation, and operation management. The investment is relatively large, the cycle is relatively long, and the management cost is relatively high. It is okay for general urbanized areas, but it is more difficult to manage in remote or inconvenient areas, especially when changing, relocating or changing monitoring points in response to changes in water system governance. The mobile container is used as the shell structure of the monitoring system, equipped with remote control technology to reduce the construction cost, management cost and station operation cost, facilitate installation and transportation, facilitate the relocation and change of monitoring sites, and have little impact on the environment.


System Features

●  In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system, and the simple and compact structure, a cylindrical self-cleaning sampling cylinder and a jet dosing cleaning device are planned to be adopted.

●  In order to improve the sand settling effect, simplify the structure, and reduce the volume, it is planned to adopt a cylindrical sand settling structure to maximize the volume.

●  In order to avoid secondary investment and construction, and to achieve a truly seamless connection, a modular water collection and distribution structure design is proposed to freely combine various monitoring parameters.

●  In order to make each analytical instrument work independently and not affect each other and interfere with the measurement, it is proposed to adopt a control method that can control a single device for individual measurement in each cycle without starting all the devices for measurement.

●In  order to reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the system, it is planned to adopt double pump and double pipe water extraction technology, jet dosing and water-gas mixed cleaning technology.

●In  order to achieve the traceability of samples, it is planned to adopt the technology of keeping samples in excess of the standard synchronously


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