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Landscape type water quality automatic monitoring system


System Overview

The "landscape water quality automatic monitoring system" is beautiful in appearance and small in area; the station building is based on the concept design of hoisting container, which is convenient for on-site integrated hoisting and easy on-site installation, which provides convenience for future urban construction, flood control, and embankment reconstruction; The area of ​​the room meets the requirements for the operation of the automatic monitoring system, and the design specifications and dimensions of the station room take into account the overall transportation convenience and economy. The structure design of the movable shell and the modular function design of free combination of monitoring parameters are adopted, with a high degree of integration and reasonable space allocation. The water collection and distribution equipment, instrument analysis unit, collection control equipment and other equipment are integrated into the station. And integrated intelligent monitoring, automatic control, computer application and communication network technologies, a new small and miniaturized water quality automatic online monitoring system has been built to realize unattended monitoring and real-time transmission and display of monitoring data.


User value

With the development of ecological environment monitoring networks and the promotion of water quality monitoring in river basins, automatic water environment monitoring stations need to be deployed more intensively to meet the needs of big data applications such as pollution traceability, water quality early warning, and river chief assessment. Conventional automatic water quality monitoring stations have a large area and high capital investment, making it difficult to adapt to the application requirements of the new environment monitoring situation.

To this end, Fuguang Water Technology Co., Ltd. combines many years of experience in water quality online monitoring equipment research and development and integration, and a landscape automatic water quality monitoring system. Suitable for different application scenarios, flexible installation and customizable monitoring parameters; the appearance of the station building can be selected and beautified according to user requirements or according to the surrounding environment of the station building to achieve coordination with the surrounding environment; the station building can be used as a carrier of "environmental protection" promotion Enhance people's awareness of environmental protection.


System Features

●  Monitoring parameters can be adjusted according to user needs, supporting water quality, hydrology, and simultaneous monitoring;

●  Miniaturization, intensiveness, high integration, low power consumption, low maintenance, complete functions, and strong scalability;

●  Small area, no need for land acquisition, flexible installation, short construction period, low investment, and realize the same functional configuration as the fixed station-type water station at low cost;

●  Special customization based on the working conditions of each site;

●The  appearance style is in harmony with the surrounding environment, and the system function is equal to the urban landscape.





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