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Buoy type automatic water quality monitoring system


System Overview

The buoy monitoring system is a multifunctional water quality buoy monitoring system developed by Fuzhou Fuguang Water Technology Co., Ltd. in accordance with the requirements of the national environmental monitoring technical specifications, combined with the current situation of water quality monitoring in my country and the management needs of environmental monitoring departments at all levels. The monitoring system is a powerful monitoring tool of the environmental management department by virtue of the safe and solid buoy body, accurate and stable analysis instruments, and powerful and reliable software technology. It can greatly reduce the monitoring workload of the monitoring department and meet the water resources in the new situation. And water environment regulatory requirements.



Characteristics of Buoy Station

Low construction investment: no station building, no land acquisition, and small investment.

Corrosion resistance: The buoy body is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and bioadhesion resistance; and has anti-collision properties and can withstand harsh weather environments;

Easy installation: The floating platform is equipped with an instrument mounting bracket, and the sensor is suspended in the water through the instrument mounting hole, which is also convenient for maintenance.

Low maintenance: The lead battery adopts a fully enclosed design and is maintenance-free;

High integration: high compatibility, support for expanding measurable parameters, storage and expansion, no data loss; GPRS communication technology has wide coverage, high real-time performance, large amount of data transmission, low operating cost, safety and reliability;

Flexible monitoring: It adopts input-type, reagent-free sensors, long operation cycle, low maintenance, no chemical reagent consumption, no secondary pollution, modular design, and can be flexibly equipped with monitoring sensors. It can be monitored floating in the specified water body, and the water sample is more representative.


system structure



System advantages

 Reliability and stability of the system

The system is built on the GPRS communication platform, and the equipment has the ability to continue to work normally in harsh environments (squally wind, heavy rain, ice and snow), and the whole machine can work continuously for a long time.

 The operability of the system

The product is simple to operate and easy to use. There is no need to memorize complicated operation methods or instructions. The relevant settings are made during the initial installation, and all the initial settings are completed by professionals.

 Scalability of the system

The system design is based on the GPRS communication platform, and there is no on-site communication wiring. You can freely add monitoring stations and easily expand the system.

 Maintainability of the system

The equipment can remotely call data through authorized users to view various parameters of water quality, without the need for personnel to take samples at the monitoring site, saving time and transportation costs.

 System cost performance

Compared with traditional automatic station monitoring, laboratory, and mobile monitoring, the system has lower cost, advanced technology, powerful functions, and stronger technical continuity and upgradeability.


Fuguang Advantage

In addition, our company has developed a vertical profile monitoring buoy based on years of research, which is mainly composed of the main structure of the buoy, vertical lifting system, power supply unit, auxiliary equipment, etc. The system can measure water quality at different depths, and related technologies have obtained national patents.



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