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Aquaculture water quality automatic monitoring system


System Overview

The on-site monitoring point is composed of a monitoring system and a control system monitoring center. The monitoring system includes a water quality analyzer (PH, temperature, dissolved oxygen); the control system includes a PLC system, a digital transmission system, a lightning protection module and a field equipment power distribution system, etc. The monitoring center is composed of hardware and software. The hardware includes servers, routers, etc.


system structure:



System composition:

The system consists of intelligent sensing equipment, wired transmission network, controller, and monitoring platform.

(1)Intelligent sensing equipment

According to the water quality requirements of aquaculture, this system can monitor PH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, salinity, etc. at the same time.

(2) Transmission network

This system uses GPRS wireless technology for data transmission, with stable transmission and low cost. The data collector processes the collected water quality information and transmits the data to the central station.

(4) Monitoring platform

Through the monitoring platform, users can monitor water quality parameters in real time, and at the same time, the monitoring computer analyzes and processes the data, makes control decisions, and sends control instructions to each sub-station through the optical fiber network.



User value:


Contrast content:

Traditional farming method

IoT intelligent aquaculture measurement and control system

Measurement and test methods of various water quality parameters (dissolved oxygen, PH value, temperature)

  Using off-line water quality monitoring equipment, it is necessary to manually go to the site to measure the water quality on a regular basis, and the measured value will have errors due to different individual operations.

   The system uses 24- hour unattended, real-time online monitoring and measurement of various parameters and indicators of the water body, and automatically records and uploads the measured values ​​of water quality parameters in time intervals, which comprehensively improves the validity and authority of the measured data.

Warning mode

  In the past, the working conditions of aeration equipment and various parameters of water quality required manual field inspections and early warnings, and there were errors.

  It can actively initiate an alarm when there is an abnormality in the oxygen supply equipment and the breeding environment. In addition to the traditional PC operation interface, the system provides functions such as WEB page and mobile phone software query and alarm. Fully detailed grasp of the real-time situation.

Expert data analysis sampling guide

  Without systematic data, it is impossible to analyze in depth from a scientific point of view. After the large-scale death of the aquaculture body, go to the scene to check the cause.

 The data information stored in the system can become an important evidence for the agricultural technology department to understand the fishing situation, grasp the agricultural situation, formulate strategies, and promote the development of the industry; provide detailed, accurate and intuitive icon data for agricultural technology experts to facilitate guidance.


  The high loss of aeration equipment, frequent manual sampling, large consumption of material and manpower and financial resources, it is difficult to guarantee the survival rate

  The aeration equipment adopts intermittent operation, and the life span is increased by 2.5 times. The pond index is automatically collected to reduce labor. The system automatically controls the optimal curve of the pond to improve the survival rate.


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