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Comprehensive solutions for rural drinking water


System Overview

With the promulgation and implementation of the National Drinking Water Hygiene Standards, local governments have paid more and more attention to the quality of tap water, and the importance of water quality parameter monitoring has become increasingly apparent. Fuguang Water has developed a comprehensive management platform for drinking water supply information services based on water quality information, supported by automation and network information technology. Using the online system of pipe network quality, real-time online monitoring and early warning of the most important core key parameters of pipe network water quality, such as turbidity, residual chlorine, PH, etc.; continuous and automatic monitoring of changes in water quality, to obtain basic water quality information. The integrated management platform analyzes water quality data, and links the equipment to automatically adjust the water quality and quantity to ensure the safety and stability of water use; realize data services, functional services, operation and maintenance management, and safety management of remote water supply management. Realize the digital management of the whole process, and promote the automation, informationization and modernization of drinking water management; effectively reduce energy consumption, control production costs, and reduce labor intensity of workers.


system structure



System advantages

 Realize water quality automation and real-time remote monitoring

Continuously detect various water quality indicators in the water purification production process through various online water quality analysis instruments, so that the production water quality can be monitored throughout the process. Realize the whole process management of drinking water quality monitoring information from collection, processing, analysis to release, and establish a modern and intelligent real-time supervision and monitoring system. In order to alleviate the shortage of supervision manpower and timely grasp the changes of water quality, the online monitoring can detect various types in real time. Water quality indicators can detect pollution and give an alarm at the first time, which has important social significance and application value.

●  Automatic control of water purification production:

Through the control system, the process links such as chlorination, dosing, and filter cleaning in the water purification production process are automatically controlled to further reduce the labor intensity of the workers and realize the automatic control of the entire production process of the water plant.

 Realize computer management of water plant operation

Real-time monitoring of the production process through the computer system realizes data collection, data storage, accident records, and historical data checking in the production process

 Provide a reliable basis for the efficient and long-term stable operation of the equipment

Provide equipment historical data, reflect the corrosion status of the pipe network, equipment life cycle management, comprehensively solve the water plant operation monitoring, provide a reasonable system decision-making basis for the water plant operation, and improve the timeliness and scientificity of decision-making.





Management platform-a picture



Management platform-water quality data query



Management platform-video surveillance browsing



Management Platform-Water Plant Operation Management


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