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Groundwater quality monitoring system


System Overview

The monitoring indicators of the groundwater quality online monitoring system mainly include temperature, turbidity, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen. In addition, some special monitoring needs to monitor nitrite and heavy metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and cadmium.


System Features

● High reliability, ensuring the high stability of the system is one of the characteristics of this system;

● Highly advanced, you should choose a control system with advanced technology, high performance and price, and potential;

● High capacity, suitable accuracy and data transmission rate, can accommodate various input signals;

● Flexible expansion, which can be expanded with the expansion of the project scale;

● Real-time detection of water quality;

● Choose computer technology that is conducive to integration to ensure later integration and data sharing with other environmental management information systems.

● The system is easy to operate and use, convenient for various types of users to quickly grasp.

● The overall investment performance price ratio is high.


System construction steps

A. Construct reasonable monitoring wells in accordance with specifications

B. Choose a suitable sampling method

C. According to the characteristics of the monitoring parameters of the monitoring point, select the appropriate instrument

D. Integration of on-site monitoring points

For simple monitoring points, multi-parameter probes are generally used to directly monitor the well, and a data acquisition and transmission terminal is set at the monitoring well head to complete the water quality monitoring; but where the monitoring frequency is not high and it is inconvenient to set up solar energy installations, our company also provides another A solution, a method with a built-in lithium battery, is characterized by battery power supply and easy installation.


System topology diagram:



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