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Inland River Management and Control Platform



The river management and control platform system refers to, on the basis of information technology and sensor technology, it makes full use of high-tech means such as geographic information system, remote sensing, multimedia, network and computer simulation to analyze the topography, ecological environment, water quality and status of the target river basin. Digital collection and storage of many information such as water resources distribution requires the use of online monitoring technology to check whether each project meets the requirements of planning and design goals, monitor the long-term operation effect of the facility, discover operational risks and problems in time, carry out effective treatment and disposal, and support on-site operation Emergency warning of the situation to improve the operation guarantee rate of the facility; effective recording of the whole process information of the project planning and construction is required. Construct a true, systematic and complete evaluation and evaluation calculation method system, decompose and refine the relevant indicators in the performance evaluation and evaluation methods, and objectively evaluate the quantitative improvement effects of the river basin in "water ecology, water environment, water resources, water security", etc. . Not only the owner can supervise the construction unit, but it also allows the public to participate in the supervision process.

At this stage, the water environment management in the project area is mainly through manual control, telephone communication, paper document recording, etc. There are problems such as low timeliness of work, insufficient systemic control ability, and weak decision-making ability on complex issues. Requirements for the refinement of the water environment and information management. The FGHL-3000 river management and control platform independently developed by Fuguang Water mainly solves the above problems and guarantees the efficient implementation of operation and maintenance, supervision and supervision.



main feature

At present, there are three major problems in river management and control: 1. Insufficient information collection infrastructure. 2. Lack of scientific analysis tools for scheduling decision-making. 3. There is much room for improvement in the automation level of business management.

The river management and control platform developed by our company mainly has the following five strategies to solve the above problems:


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Main strategy



Monitoring system construction

Collect all kinds of information and data for the project, covering flood control, water quality, security, public opinion, etc.


Communication network coverage

The supervisory party (government), the operation and maintenance party (enterprise), and the user (the masses) exchange information.


Data platform storage

Provide full-process services from data collection, model analysis, forecasting and early warning, decision support, dynamic correction and performance evaluation (currently focusing on solving fragmentation problems, not a systematic, holistic, and overall approach).


Application system expansion

Taking grid operation management as the starting point, integrate facility management, asset management, grid operation and maintenance management, water resources management, water environment management, emergency management, etc.


Smart operation management

Closed-loop management process: problem feedback-task implementation-performance feedback-effect evaluation.


Based on the above strategies, the software functions developed by our company mainly meet the needs of users and support customized functions. The main features are as follows:


Serial number

main feature




Safe and efficient water information collection and processing and data resource integration capabilities.


decision making

Scientific and reliable water monitoring, early warning, analysis and prediction capabilities.



High-level operation water facilities remote control and intelligent execution capabilities.



Coordinate and manage the multi-disciplinary, process-oriented, and cooperative operation ability of the water business.



Increase the public participation model and improve the performance of project construction.


The main function

The software functions of the entire platform are mainly developed for the three major business logics. It is mainly aimed at the pain points of the three demand sides.

1. Supervision: internal assessment and external public supervision.

2. Operation: Operation and maintenance management.

3. Management: equipment management, water quality management, collaborative management, emergency management, etc.

Here are some screenshots of the main functions:



Cockpit: It mainly displays the data effects of the entire system platform, including engineering, online monitoring equipment, operation and management, performance evaluation, public satisfaction, etc.



Asset management function: effective equipment management for municipal engineering, water conservancy engineering, ecological engineering, landscape engineering, smart engineering, etc., to ensure all equipment in the entire life cycle



Grid operation management: mainly for inspection, maintenance, attendance, river network management, but also with management functions such as personnel, inventory materials, and performance appraisal.



River chief management: mainly for basic information on the river chief, public complaints and suggestions, and government notification information.

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