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Water quality warning and prediction system


FGEW-2000 Water Quality Early Warning and Prediction System

System introduction: Water quality early warning and prediction system refers to the monitoring of the migration and transformation process of pollutants based on information technology and water quality simulation technology, making full use of high-tech means such as geographic information system, remote sensing, multimedia, network, and computer simulation. And dynamic simulation. Traditional deterministic water quality mathematical models usually require a large number of hydrological and water quality parameters, which are difficult to determine, which limits the wide application and correctness of deterministic water quality mathematical models. In the water quality early warning system developed by Fuguang Water, the RF (Random Forest) algorithm is used in the prediction model to improve the accuracy of the prediction. Forecast and early warning of the water quality changes in the monitored area, so that customers can not only know the current water quality status at the present time, but also predict the change trend of the water quality status in the future, so that the supervision and management unit can take timely prevention and control measures to avoid deterioration. , To realize the scientific decision-making and effective management of the target water quality environment by the competent authority.


System Features

 Pre-warning and monitoring can be achieved by using historical monitoring data, and the investment cost is low.

 High warning sensitivity, the system can predict the short-term and long-term water quality, and accurately predict the trend of future water quality changes.


Application scenario

●The  source of drinking water in the reservoir. A more comprehensive and sensitive water quality early warning capability can detect hidden dangers of safety accidents earlier.

 Small watershed monitoring. The whole river basin shall be divided into governance units, actively monitored, and timely measures shall be taken.

●  Cross-border section. Quickly predict the spread of water pollution and warn of cross-border pollution disputes.


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