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Question: What is the wavelength range of the DR2800? Visible light range 340-990nm Question: How many parameters can the DR2800 measure? Built-in 247 kinds of test methods, most of the substances in the visible light range can be measured. Question: DR2800 self-built curve cannot be stored, and it disappears after switching on and off after storage This happens when the battery voltage of the motherboard is lower than 2.5V. Replace the motherboard battery. Question: DR2800 can't be turned on, it will shut down automatically when it starts flashing? The battery of the main board is out of power, which will cause this situation. In addition, the external power supply is unstable, and the power board failure will also cause this situation.
DR2800 common problem analysis
[Hash | Operation Guide] NPW Series Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Online Analysis Instrument 1. Notes on installation: 1.1 Ambient temperature: 5-40 ℃, below 85% (RH) 1.2 Working power supply: voltage 220VAC, frequency 50Hz, power supply capacity Water sample conditions less than 550VA1.3: water temperature 2-40 ° C, water pressure 0.02-0.05Mpa, flow 1-3L / min 1.4 Installation location: indoor installation, avoid direct sunlight and corrosive gases. 1.5 Installation diagram: Note: When NPW measures a water sample, it needs to continuously enter the water sample within 10 minutes of the start of the measurement
NPW series total phosphorus total nitrogen online analysis instrument
Question: The fault maintenance table (reference) in the CODMAX manual: CODMAX instrument alarm: humidity alarm, what is the reason? Answer: Reason: The internal pipeline of the instrument is blocked, damaged, or the leakage of the inlet valve is eliminated to cause the humidity sensor alarm. Problem: CODMAX instrument alarm: What is the cause of "internal bus error" or "control unit"? Answer: Reason: The communication of the control unit circuit board has moved out. The CODMAX instrument alarms: "buserror" or no display at boot. What is the reason? Answer: Reason: circuit board failure, poor BUS connection, etc. Problem: CO
CODMAX product question and answer
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