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Congratulations to Fuguang Water 2017 Annual Sales Training Conference in Central China

2017-09-25 08:56 Source:
 On September 21, 2017, Fuguang Water held our company's "2017 Central China Sales Training Conference" at Wuhan Jinjiang International Hotel. Among them, more than 26 sales personnel from nearly 10 provinces in Central China attended the training session to jointly learn cutting-edge information on the water industry.
The general manager of the company Zhang Guofeng and the sales director of Central China Luo Yijian attended the training meeting in person. Our company's leaders attach great importance to the sales staff's professional knowledge reserve and industry literacy. This training session hopes to improve the professional ability of our sales staff, better serve the society and serve customers.
The content of the training session is mainly in charge of our engineering department, and the training instructor is served by the company's engineering department industry manager team. In a compact one-day training, our industry manager analyzed the current status and prospects of the industry in Central China in a humorous and interesting manner, gave corresponding suggestions based on the actual situation of the region, and taught the latest industry knowledge and business capabilities.
At the same time, business knowledge tests were arranged during the meeting to help sales colleagues find and fill gaps, improve work performance and ability, and lay a solid foundation for the rapid promotion of the company's traditional business and new information business in Central China basis.
 We are working hard, every training is a learning and progress. Through professional and logical training sessions, the staff of our company can improve their professional qualities of water affairs and be in line with the forefront of the industry, so that our professional ability can contribute to the "better water quality environment".
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