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Congratulations to Fuguang Water on winning the bid for "Nanlin Avenue Sewage Lift Pump Station Equipment Purchase and Installation Project"

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 Recently, in the "Nanlin Avenue Sewage Lift Pump Station Equipment Purchase and Installation Project", Fuguang Water Engineering Department successfully passed the competitors' The competition was successful.


 Wuyi New District is located in the northern part of Fujian Province and is the geographic center of northern Fujian. The whole territory, parts of Jianyang City, and Wuyishan Nature Reserve.
  Nanlin District is the core area and key construction area of Wuyi New District, and is a modern service function of its political, economic and cultural center, key development of administrative offices, residential comprehensive, commercial finance and other modern services.
At present, the Nanlin area is under construction, and part of the road network has been completed. In order to ensure that the drainage pipe network can be successfully connected to play its role after the construction of the area, the sewage lifting pump station involved in the drainage project is also under construction.
Our company won the bidding of Nanlin Avenue 1 # sewage pumping station, which mainly solves:
Recently, the DN500 sewage pipeline of Nanlin Avenue has not been implemented due to the difficulty of constructing the fast-track underpass and the heavy workload of excavating the mountain. The problem that the sewage in Yungu Community on the west side of the fast-pass cannot flow to the Nanlin sewage pump station.
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