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Congratulations to Fuguang Water 2017 Annual New Sales Training Conference

2017-10-28 09:19 Source:

 On October 24, 2017, our company held an annual new sales training meeting at the Amitabha Hotel in Fuzhou, where 21 sales personnel from nearly ten provinces in North China, Central China, and East China participated in the training meeting. General Manager Zhang Guofeng and North China Sales Director Dong Xueliang attended the training meeting.


In addition to the industry manager team of the company's engineering department, the training lecturer also invited senior sales colleagues to share the case.
During the training, industry managers and product managers gave detailed introduction and guidance on product knowledge, project types, solutions, design ideas, industry development directions, etc. Understanding.
  The senior sales colleagues conducted a deep analysis of their success stories, so that the sales staff they attended the class could learn from and learn from in their future work.
In the meantime, the participants also conducted business knowledge tests to help sales colleagues check and fill gaps to improve work performance, and laid a solid foundation for the rapid promotion of the company's traditional business and new information business in North China. Good service to the society and customers.

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