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Sewage treatment plant and supporting pipe network project in Hexin Town, Yangxin County

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1. Project Background
Hehe Town Sewage Plant is located in Hehe Town, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, with a sewage treatment capacity of 3,000 tons per day. Construction unit Shandong Narui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
2. Process flow
Sewage enters the coarse grid from the external pipeline, and enters the fine grid through the lifting pump after first-level screening. After being screened by a fine grid, the sewage enters the cyclone grit sink, and after aeration and sand-water separation, the sewage enters the homogeneous tank. The sewage in the homogenization tank is fully mixed by the push pump and then enters the anaerobic tank, anoxic tank and aerobic tank in sequence, and finally enters the secondary grit tank. The effluent from the secondary sedimentation tank enters the flocculation sedimentation tank, and PAC and PAM are added to the pool for flocculation and stirring, and then enter the continuous flow sand filter. After that, the effluent enters the contact disinfection tank, which is added to sodium hypochlorite for disinfection and then discharged into the nearby river through the pasteurized flow tank.
3. Scene pictures
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