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Environmental Monitoring
Dongqian Lake is a lake in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is 8.5 kilometers long from north to south, 4.5 kilometers wide from east to west, and has a water area of 19.14 square kilometers. It is the largest natural lake in Zhejiang Province and the main source of drinking water and irrigation in downtown Ningbo. The Lake District and the surrounding area are under the jurisdiction of Dongqianhu Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, and are currently hosted by Ningbo Dongqianhu Tourism Resort. The Dongqian Lake online water environment monitoring and early warning system contracted by our company this time monitors the water quality and meteorological conditions of Dongqian Lake in real time, analyzes the water quality changes of Dongqian Lake, and provides protection for the water environment of Dongqian Lake. The project includes a buoy station,
Dongqian Lake
Xiamen City is one of the first batch of national “sponge cities” to build pilot cities, and monitoring the water quality of “sponge bodies” (natural water systems composed of rivers, lakes, ponds, and ditches) is one of the key tasks. The “National Sponge City Online Monitoring Demonstration Site” jointly constructed by our company, Xiamen Haicang District Government and Huaqiao University Municipal and Environmental Engineering Research Institute is located in Haicang District, Xiamen City. It adopts a container-type mobile monitoring room. The monitoring parameters include: There are 9 parameters: PH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, and total phosphorus. After several days of installation and commissioning, the system has been put into operation. These water quality monitoring data
In July 2016, Fuzhou Fuguang Water Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the bidding project of the automatic monitoring of water quality in Jinghai District, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, and won the bid. The main construction content includes the construction of three water quality automatic stations including Tuanbo Reservoir, Daqinghe Taitou Section and Tuanpiao Bridge Section. Each site contains a five-parameter analyzer, a permanganate index analyzer, an ammonia nitrogen online analyzer, a total phosphorus online analyzer, a CODcr online analyzer, automatic sampling, an auxiliary system, a water collection and distribution pretreatment unit, control and data transmission Unit, video monitoring system, access control, power environment monitoring system, station building. 2017 1
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Mainly engaged in the distribution of environmental monitoring instruments and meters, as well as the integration and operation and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems; Research and development, production, and sales of environmental monitoring instruments;

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