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The bottom line of China's water affairs market: market size, industry competition pattern, listed companies

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The water industry includes a complete industrial chain from raw water, water supply, water saving, drainage, sewage treatment and water resource recycling. In terms of business dimensions, it can be divided into water supply and water treatment sub-sectors, where water treatment includes water supply treatment and sewage treatment. With the continuous development of society, the water industry has become an important basic industry for social progress and economic development. In recent years, with problems such as water shortage and water environment pollution becoming increasingly prominent in China, water pollution has threatened the country ’s sustainable development, and sewage treatment has become a top priority in the national ecological environment governance policy. How big is China's water market? What is the competitive landscape of the industry? What are the listed companies? How are water companies performing in the capital market? This article will take you through the water market.
1 Industry level
1. Investment and development of the water supply industry
The investment in fixed assets for the construction of water supply facilities nationwide increased from 19.9 billion yuan in 2002 to 69.4 billion yuan in 2016. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the investment in water supply facilities has grown rapidly, and the growth rate has fluctuated in recent years, but the total amount has basically stabilized at about 70 billion yuan. From the general trend, China's water supply facilities construction has approached saturation and entered a stable State of development.
2002-2016 National Water Supply Facilities Construction Fixed Assets Investment (City + County)
The cumulative water supply pipeline length of cities and counties in the country has increased from 390,000 kilometers in 2002 to 970,000 kilometers in 2016, an increase of 1.5 times. The increase in the length of the water supply pipeline means that the daily water supply capacity is increased, and the annual total supply of tap water has also increased significantly. By the end of 2016, the urban water penetration rate had reached 98.4%, and the county water penetration rate had reached 90.5%. In recent years, the construction of water supply facilities has approached saturation, and the total amount of urban water supply in the country has remained basically stable, maintaining a growth rate of 2% -3%.
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