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HMA-TCU Total Copper Heavy Metal Analyzer

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HMA-TCU Total Copper Heavy Metal Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
-Measuring principle:
The instrument uses high-temperature digestion of water samples to convert complex copper, organic copper, etc. into divalent copper ions. Then the divalent copper is converted into cuprous by the reducing agent hydroxylamine hydrochloride, and Yutongling is used as the coloring agent, and the cuprous ion reacts with Yutongling to produce a yellow-brown complex. The concentration of the complex is positively correlated with the total copper concentration in the water sample. Spectrophotometric measurement was carried out at a wavelength of 470 nm. According to the initial color of the sample and the color after adding the developer, the difference between the two was analyzed to analyze the concentration of the sample.
- typical application:
On-line monitoring of total copper in surface water, industrial wastewater (such as electroplating wastewater), and inlet and outlet of sewage plants
-Instrument features:
● Low waste liquid. The amount of waste liquid is only 1.4L / month
● Low reagent consumption. No need to change reagents within a month.
● Automatic range, automatic dilution. Both low-range and high-range modes are available.
● Built-in high temperature digestion device
● Automatic backwash sample filter, automatically cleaned after each test
● Automatic calibration
● 5.7 ”color LCD touch screen
● Chinese menu
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Technical index
Measurement methods: Colorimetry
Measuring range: 0.05 ~ 3 (low), 0.4 ~ 10mg / L (high)
Detection limit: 0.01mg/l
Accuracy: ±3%F.S
Repeatability: ±3%F.S
Zero drift: ±5%F.S
measure time: 50min
Digestion time: 120 ℃ high temperature digestion
Automatic calibration cycle: Closed, 1 day, 2 days ... 7 days optional
Maximum reagent dosage: 5L / month
Sample flow rate: 1 ~ 3L / min, take 50mL each time for measurement
Sample temperature range: 10-40℃
Signal output: 4-20mA/RS232/RS485
Installation Environment: Indoor installation
power supply: AC220V±10%,50Hz
Dimensions (H × D × W): 900 × 255 × 600mm (analyzer body)
weight: 60kg (without reagents)


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