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COD 203A CODMn analyzer

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COD 203A CODMn analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
- product description:
COD 203A is a water quality COD online monitor completely developed for low-concentration COD application environments. It uses the potassium permanganate method for drinking water testing and reflects the true situation of organic matter in water.
- working principle:
The CODMn (permanganate index) / COD manganese method analyzer uses the acidic potassium permanganate method or the alkaline potassium permanganate method at 100 ° C. It is measured by oxidation-reduction potentiometric titration. The COD 203A cod online monitor uses the acidic potassium permanganate method.
-Application industry:
The COD manganese method / CODMn (permanganate index) determination is currently the most commonly used chemical oxygen demand point source monitoring method. The Hach COD-203A CODMn online monitor uses the acid potassium permanganate method to monitor the CODMn (potassium permanganate index) of surface water and raw drinking water.
-Instrument features:
● COD 203A CODMn (permanganate index) / COD manganese analyzer uses redox potential titration method for point source monitoring.
● The COD 203A CODMn / COD manganese method analyzer does not use a solenoid valve, and the pipeline is backwashed before each measurement to prevent accidents such as blockage of the pipeline.
● COD 203A CODMn / COD manganese method analyzer has LCD liquid crystal display and supports Chinese operation interface.
● COD online monitor data can be saved for 14 days, which is convenient for management and reading of historical data.
● The COD online monitor uses air nozzles to avoid blockage of the burette.
● COD online monitor is easy to use and low maintenance.
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Technical index
Measuring range: 0~20mg/L; 0~2000mg/L
Measurement period: 1 hour, 1 ~ 6 hours can be determined arbitrarily
display: LCD liquid crystal display
Reproducibility: 0 ~ 20mg / L, ± 1% FS
20~200mg/L ,± 2% FS
Above 200mg / L, ± 5% FS
stability: Zero drift ± 3% FS

Range drift
0 ~ 20mg/L ,± 3% FS
20~200mg/L ,± 4% FS
200mg/L ,± 5% FS
Operating environment: Indoor installation. Temperature, 5 ~ 40 ℃, humidity, below 85%
Sample conditions: Temperature, 2 ~ 40 ℃
Pressure, 20 ~ 50kPa
Consumption, 500mL / time measurement
Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 600Ω
power supply: 220VAC,50/60HZ
Power consumption: Maximum 550VA, average 200VA
Data communication: RS485 serial port
Dimensions: 600 × 600 × 1600mm
weight: 150Kg


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