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Online iron ion monitor XAT-200 series-Fe

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Online iron ion monitor XAT-200 series-Fe

Product description
Technical indicators
-Measuring principle
XAT-200 series automatic process monitor is a device that uses titration method, colorimetric method, etc. to quantitatively analyze the target components in the process. Through the built-in microcomputer, the sample can be fully diluted, titrated, colorimetric and other analysis operations. The measuring unit modules can be arbitrarily combined to meet various needs in different fields.
XAT-200-Fe is used for the determination of iron ions, and the measurement method uses TPTZ absorbance photometry. The quantitative water sample is introduced into the reaction tank, hydrochloric acid is added to react and heat, and the particulate iron and colloidal iron are completely decomposed under high temperature and high pressure. The reaction made the water sample light blue. Measure the absorbance at 595nm and calculate the iron concentration.
Continuous monitoring of iron ion content in industrial process water, continuous monitoring of iron ion in surface water of tap water
Integrated design, simplify pipeline connection
Modular unit design, flexible structure, free combination
TPTZ absorbance photometry
Touch screen display, intuitive and simple operation
Built-in CF card, powerful data processing function, automatic backup
Self-diagnostic alarm function
Data storage, automatic backup function
Automatic dilution, automatic cleaning function
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Technical index
Measuring range 0~0.5mg/L
Measurement channel One channel
Accuracy ±5%FS
Repeatability Within ± 5% FS
Measurement period 60 ~ 999min once (can be set arbitrarily)
Sample condition Sample consumption: about 50mL / 1 time
Sample temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃
SS: less than 20mg / L
Particle diameter: less than 20μm
Cleaning • Dilution water Pressure: 0.05 ~ 0.15 MPa
Flow rate: 0.2 ~ 1L / min
Temperature: 15 ~ 35 ℃
Water quality: deionized water (use pure water less than 0.1mS / m)
Consumption: about 850mL / 1 time
Carrier gas Pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.7MPa
Consumption: 10NL / min
Temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃ No oil, no dust, no condensation
drain PH is about 1, open atmosphere environment, no upward slope. Remaining reagents, liquids, washing water, etc. after the reaction, please discharge after proper treatment.
Analog output DC 4 ~ 20mA (1 way)
load 600Ω
Printout Thermal printer
Electric shock signal output Instrument alarm signal, abnormal measurement value signal, power off signal
Contact rating DC 24V 1A
AC 125V 0.3A
Operating mode Automatic detection, manual operation
Display and buttons Touch screen
Painting color Mussel N8.5
power supply AC 220V±10%  50/60Hz
Energy consumption About 800VA
weight About120kg
Environmental conditions Temperature: 10 ~ 40 ℃
Humidity: below 80% RH, no condensation
No corrosive gas around
Installation Environment


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