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SPCP-20 pH transmitter two-wire system

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SPCP-20 pH transmitter two-wire system

Product description
Technical indicators
- product description:
CP series two-wire pH analyzer / transmitter Model: PCP-20T / SPCP-20T
- Features:
Sturdy aluminum alloy shell, adjustable installation angle
Easy operation, adjustable measuring range, automatic correction and self-diagnosis through built-in microprocessor electrode
Front operation, front wiring
Model SPCP-20T is an intrinsically safe type with IEC explosion-proof certification, certification number: C12661 ~ C12664
- Product advantages:
Manual temperature compensation: For the pH electrode without temperature compensation resistor, manual temperature compensation can be performed through the external temperature sensor of the transmitter
Temperature compensation range: 0 ~ 100 ° C.
Sample pH temperature compensation: pure water or boiler feed water temperature compensation through temperature coefficient
Temperature compensation coefficient range: -0.100 ~ + 0.100pH / ° C.
-Self-diagnosis function:
In the following alarm conditions, the output signal can be switched to high or low output:
-The glass electrode is cracked or broken
-Disconnection or short circuit of temperature electrode or wire
- hardware malfunction
- data error
-Measurement / maintenance mode selection:
In maintenance mode, the measured sample pH value is displayed, and the output signal remains at the previous measured value, set value or actual measured value (user setting).
When using the junction box to extend the electrode cable, it is recommended to use the original cable (model: EC-10). Electrode cables and extension cables should be kept away from electrical noise sources, such as power lines.
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Technical index
Name Online pH Analyzer / Transmitter
model PCP-20T (universal type)
SPCP-20T (intrinsically safe type, Ex ia IICT4)
Measuring medium PH in water
Measuring principle Glass electrode
Measuring range pH:0.00~14.00pH
Temp .: 0 ~ 100 ° C (display only)
display LCD digital display
Transmit output 2-wire system, 4-20mA DC, isolated output
impedance RCP-20T; 50x (power supply voltage) – 450 (Ω) 750Ω, 24V DC power supply
Output range 0~14pH.
power supply RCP-20T: 24 V DC, 9 ~ 30 V DC depends on impedance
SRCP-20T: 24VDC, 17.2 ~ 27 V DC depends on impedance
Energy consumption 0.6VA.
Reproducibility < ± 0.02pH (equivalent input)
Linear (display) < ± 0.03pH (equivalent input)
Linear (output) < ± 0.5% FS, when the range width < 5pH
< ± 0.6% FS, range width < 5pH (equivalent input)
Correction One-click calibration, automatic stability judgment
Temperature compensation 0~100°C
Environmental conditions -20~55°C,小于99% RH
Protection level IP65
installation 50A (2 inches, 60.5mmO.D) tube or wall mount
Cable interface 2个NPT 1/2” , 1个G1/2
Material Body: Aluminum alloy casting
Observation window: resin
colour: Blue (Moncel 10B5 / 10)
weight: 2kg
Optional accessories Sunshade to prevent direct sunlight (2 ″ tube installation)


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