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SSM-21P Portable Surface Salt Analyzer

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SSM-21P Portable Surface Salt Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
- product description
In order to prevent salt from corroding metals, cleanliness before painting is a very important indicator.
SSM-21P can be adsorbed on ships, bridges, large tanks and other steel surfaces, directly measure the salt concentration, and the operation is simple. Using SSM-21P can not only improve the reliability of assessment of surface cleanliness before painting, but also greatly improve work efficiency.
It is used to detect the surface salt concentration of steel surfaces such as ships, bridges and large tanks before painting.
-Directly read the surface salt concentration in 4 modes:
Display water-soluble salt concentration (PSPC compatible)
Display water-soluble salt concentration (conversion formula according to ISO 8502-9)
Show sodium chloride concentration
Show conductivity
-Simple determination:
Fix the measuring cell on the measuring object, and then inject pure water to measure the surface salt concentration. There is no need for cumbersome operations such as wiping the surface of the measurement object and extracting the solution.
-The measuring cell is fixed by magnetic force: there is no need to use adhesive like the bresle method, and there is no sticky substance contaminating the measuring surface.
-The measuring cell is small and light-weight, easy to carry, and can be equipped with storage bags, measuring components, etc., making the on-site operation easier.
Measurement methods and steps
- Measurement methods
Fix the measuring cell on the measuring object (steel), inject quantitative pure water into the measuring cell to dissolve the salt on the surface, and then measure the conductivity. Based on the measured values, the concentration of soluble salts and sodium chloride can be calculated and displayed as the surface salt concentration.
-Measurement steps
①Fix the measuring cell to the measuring object
②Inject 10mL pure water with a syringe
③ Press the Start button of the host and the stirring switch of the measuring cell
④ Simultaneously display and save the measured value at the end of measurement
⑤Measuring cell stirring stopped
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Technical index
model SSM-21P
Measuring principle Conductivity method
Measurement mode
①Water-soluble salt (corresponding to PSPC)
②Water-soluble salts (converted to ISO 8502-9)
③Sodium chloride (NaCl)
Measuring range Water soluble salt 0~199.9mg/m2, 0~1999mg/m2 (Automatic switching)
Sodium chloride 0~199.9mg/m2, 0~1999mg/m2 (Automatic switching)
Conductivity 0~199.9μs/cm, 0~1999μs/cm (Automatic switching)
temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃ (display range: 0 ~ 99.9 ℃)
Temperature compensation range
ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation): 0 ~ 50 ℃
Base conversion temperature: 25 ℃
Temperature Coefficient 2.0% / ℃ (fixed)
Data storage 300 data (measurement time, measured value, temperature)
measure time 1 minute, 3 minutes, continuous
Cell constant Automatically set according to the measuring cell (can also be entered manually)
Measuring temperature range 0~40℃
power supply 2xAA type alkaline dry battery
Dimensions 187.5 (L) x 37.5 (H) x 75 (W) mm
weight About 310g (including battery)


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