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AUT-701 automatic titrator

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AUT-701 automatic titrator

Product description
Technical indicators
Support 2 simultaneous titrations (dual system)
Optional accessories such as burettes can be added, and two types of titration, pH and ORP titration, can be performed simultaneously.
Moreover, two sets of multi-sample measuring instruments (turntables) can be connected to realize a 2-channel multi-sample simultaneous measuring system.
● Rich high-performance electrode product line
Strong & Float (internal liquid concentration detector) pH electrode, micro titration electrode, etc.
● Standard USB (hot swap), titration conditions can be input
● Support network connection (standard LAN)
● Equipped with verification support function
Support multiple titrations
(Up to 4 input electrodes. Up to 10 burettes can be connected)
Standard input of 2 types of pH / mV. The third and fourth input can be equipped with titration cell (photometric, polarization, conductivity, potential difference).
Up to 10 burettes can be connected to support various system titrations.
Provide electrode products that support microtitration
Equipped with micro pH composite electrode, silver composite electrode and other electrodes to achieve micro titration.
New verification support function, more functional
In addition to pH electrode calibration record and burette capacity confirmation function, optional temperature / humidity sensor can be used to record the measurement environment (room temperature, humidity).
Larger data storage capacity
Each system can store 100 sets of data for secondary analysis, and can be expanded up to 200 sets of data.
The system can be upgraded and the operation is worry-free
It can be connected to a turntable (TTT-510), an automatic sampling and measuring device (AST-3210), an electronic scale and a computer to achieve complete system automation.
High-speed titration mode, shorten titration time
※ Some titrations cannot shorten the time, such as titrations with slow reaction speed.
Use clear and eye-catching color LCD display
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Technical index
Titrator host (AUT-701)
Burette (ABT-7)
specification Standard configuration (single system) / titrator host (AUT-701) + burette (ABT-7) + stirrer (ST-7)
display Color LCD with backlight
Operation keys / operation methods
Flat keyboard
Dialogue mode of function keys and numeric keys
Titration / determination method
Inflection point detection titration
Setpoint titration
Full titration (inflection point detection / set point)
Crosspoint detection titration
Stat titration
Preliminary titration
pka determination
pH / mV determination
pH adjustment
Conductivity measurement
Number of titration steps Up to 5 segments (up to 2 segments for crosspoint detection)
Titration mode
Standard mode: 20 / system
User mode: 40 / system
Link mode (for sequential titration): 20 / system
Test items / scope
pH: 0.00 ~ 14.00 Standard 2 way only
mV: 0.0 ~ ± 2000.0mV
Temperature: 0.0 ~ 100.0 ℃
(When connecting the following optional accessories)
Current: 0 ~ 1000μA (based on range switching)
Conductivity: 0 ~ 200.0S / m (based on range switching, used cell)
Transmittance (photometric titration): 0 ~ 100.0%
Room temperature: 0.0 ~ 50.0 ℃
Humidity: 5 to 90% relative
Number of electrode inputs
Up to 4 channels
Standard configuration pH or mV 2 way
Optional accessories can be connected to channels 3 and 4.
Optional accessories detection unit
Photometric titration unit (FUT-7010)
Polarization titration unit (FUT-7030)
Conductivity titration unit (FUT-7040)
Potential difference titration unit (FUT-7050)
printer Built-in online thermal printer
Communication function / external control input / output (connect optional peripherals, etc.)
RS-232 × 5
1: Burette (up to 10 sets can be connected)
2: Computer
3: Turntable (TTT-510)
4: Any one of the automatic sample introduction device (AST-3210), electronic scale, turntable (TTT-510)
5: External printer (for plain paper printing) (ESP-R) LAN × 1
USB (Hot Plug) × 1
Verification support function
Test environment display and recording (room temperature, humidity)
pH calibration history: up to 20 minutes
Independent inspection history: up to 2
Regularly check the history: up to 10
Burette capacity detection history: up to 6 (relevant information saved on the burette)
Electrode maintenance period alarm
Reagent replacement alert
Syringe replacement alarm
Reagent remaining warning
power supply AC100V
power 50VA
Host size About 150 (width) × 200 (height) × 385 (depth) mm
Host weight About 3.6kg
display Syringe size meter: LED display
Syringe volume setting Use the rotary digital switch on the back
Inner cylinder precision grinding type brown 20mL brown syringe
1, 5, 10, 50mL are optional accessories
Material of wetted parts Teflon, Teflon resin, hard glass
Pipe string φ2 (inner) × φ3 (outer) black Teflon tube (When using a 1 mL syringe, φ1 (inner diameter) × φ3 (outer diameter) black Teflon tube)
Minimum drop amount
50mL syringe: 0.0025mL
20mL syringe: 0.001mL
10mL syringe: 0.0005mL
5mL syringe: 0.00025mL
1mL syringe: 0.00005mL
Burette accuracy
In a 20mL syringe
Full capacity error: ± 0.1%
Reproducibility: ± 0.01mL
power supply AC100V
power 30VA
Host size About 110 (width) × 396 (height) × 346 (depth) mm
Host quality About 5.4kg



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