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HSCA-2000 Total Sulfur Analyzer

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HSCA-2000 Total Sulfur Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
This analyzer is used to determine trace sulfur content in petroleum products and liquid organic chemicals, including gasoline, naphtha, kerosene and diesel, methanol, benzene, ester, ketone, ether, etc. The analyzer can be applied to process control and product quality control during the processing and blending of petroleum products. The measurement indicators meet the requirements for total sulfur inspection in National IV and National V of automotive fuels.
Measuring principle: energy dispersion method X-ray fluorescence method (EDXRF)
X-ray fluorescence is a phenomenon caused by high-energy X-ray excitation of the inner orbital electrons of atoms. When X-rays excite the inner electrons of an atom, causing the electrons to escape from the inner layer and generate holes in the inner electron orbits, the atom will then become unstable in an energetic state. The electrons in the outer orbit will migrate to the holes in the inner layer, and energy will be released during the migration process, that is, X-ray fluorescence phenomenon will occur. The energy of the generated X-fluorescence is related to the atomic structure. For specific element atoms, X-ray excitation with specific energy will produce characteristic X-fluorescence. For sulfur atoms, the K layer electrons are excited to escape, and the L layer electrons migrate to the K layer. The energy of this particular X-ray fluorescence is mainly the S-Kα line, whose energy is 2.31 keV, and a small amount is S- The Kβ line has an energy of 2.46 keV.
The X-ray fluorescence energies of element atoms close to sulfur atoms are listed in the table below:
Elemental energy keV (kiloelectron volts)
Sulfur, S-Kα 2.31
Argon, Ar-Kα 2.96
Titanium, Ti-Kα 4.51
Iron, Fe-Kα 6.40
Since the intensity of characteristic X-ray fluorescence is proportional to the number of sulfur atoms in the sample, the sulfur content in the sample can be directly detected by measuring the X-ray fluorescence of the sample.
Refinement of petroleum products
● Hydrocracking ● Desulfurization catalyst evaluation
● Hydrofinishing ● New process development
● Oil product blending ● Oil product evaluation
● Oil desulfurization ● Oil quality management
Measurement method: Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence method (EDXRF), no need to burn and transform the sample, busy with the analysis method of non-destructive sample;
The analyzer has no moving mechanical parts, no need to replace the power window diaphragm, no vacuum pump to maintain the measurement system vacuum, no temperature sensitive spectroscopic crystal and other monochromator components, better than wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence method (WDXRF), no daily Maintenance, no need to shut down to replace consumables regularly, saving operating costs and labor costs;
Similar products have obtained China National Explosion Protection Certification NEPSI Ex dpx IIB + H2 T4 Gb, can be used in all refining and oil refining processes, can be used in the process of oil hydrogenation, certificate number GYJ11.1655
The total sulfur measurement range can be set arbitrarily from 0 ~ 10 to 0 ~ 500ppm, and the range can be extended to 0 ~ 1000ppm;
Use intuitive 10 "color tablet computer operation interface, select Chinese or English language display, built-in Windows XP or Win7 system, convenient for on-site operation and maintenance, can display rich information and graphics;
The measurement method conforms to the following international and national standard test methods: ASTM D4294-2008, GB / T 17040, ASTM D6445, SH / T 0742, etc.
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Technical index
product name High sensitivity total sulfur analyzer, model HSCA-2000
Measuring object Total sulfur content in liquid petroleum products and organic chemical products, including quality petroleum products, lubricating base oil, alcohol, ether, ester, benzene, etc.
Measurement methods Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF) does not require mechanical operating parts such as power windows and vacuum pumps
Explosion-proof grade NEPSI Ex dpx IIB+H2 T4 Gb
Protection level IP55
Measurement period Adjustable from 10 seconds to 999 seconds
Measuring range 0 ~ 10ppm to 0 ~ 1000ppm, can be set
X-ray source Low power end window type micro-focus spot X-ray tube, 9.9W
Detector High sensitivity low background ratio counter
Repeatability ± 2% full scale
Linearity ± 2% full scale
Analog output 4 ~ 20mA DC, resistance load 600Ω
Instrument abnormal alarm signal 1 point, normally closed, 0.5A / 30VAC or 0.5A / 30VDC
Communication (option) Optional MODBUS / TCP / IP / HART
Public works Clean and dry instrument air, 0.4 ~ 1.0MPa, 20NL / min
Helium, 0.5 ~ 1.0MPa, about 10 ~ 20NmL / min (1 40L standard bottle of helium can be used for 4 ~ 6 months)
Cooling water, used when the sample temperature is high
Power supply, 90 ~ 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, power 70VA
X-ray source End window type X-ray tube
Detector Low background scaler
Flow cell material SUS304 stainless steel, Viton, beryllium film (with coating protection)
Sample temperature Not higher than 60 ℃
Sample pressure The input of the measuring cell is not higher than 0.5MPa (the input of the sample pretreatment unit can reach 2MPa)
Analysis unit system size 800W*400D*1000Hmm
Analysis of system unit weight Approx. 100 kg
Environmental conditions Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃
Humidity: not higher than 85% RH


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