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BPM-2000 distillation range analyzer

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BPM-2000 distillation range analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
product description:
The analyzer can detect the distillation range and boiling range of petroleum products and organic chemical products, including light petroleum products, such as naphtha, automotive gasoline, aviation fuel, civil kerosene, automotive diesel, etc. Chemical products are tested for boiling range, such as methanol, benzene, solvent oil, etc. The analyzer can be applied to the control of distillation and rectification processes in oil refineries and product quality inspection, and can also be applied to the production detection of middle distillates in the production process of chemical products and refining processes.
Measuring principle:
BPM-2000 Distillation Range Analyzer is a standard test method for petroleum product distillation range analysis that uses Enn's distillation method, which is in accordance with ASTM D86. It is used to measure the initial boiling point, final boiling point and distillation temperature of petroleum products. The relationship between percent yield.
The measurement process includes the following steps:
1. Add the sample to the distillation flask with a 50mL sample measuring cup;
2. When the sample is added, the heater heats the sample in the distillation flask;
3. The sample in the distillation flask is gradually distilled out, and the sample vapor enters the water condenser at the top of the distillation flask and is condensed into a liquid;
4. Use the platinum resistance temperature element to detect the temperature of the oil vapor, and the amount of condensate in the distilled oil sample through the liquid level sensor to obtain the distillation temperature and the volume of the collected liquid
5. After all the oil samples have been distilled, the samples are discharged from the distillation bottle and the collector, and the distillation bottle is cooled with a new sample;
6. Then repeat steps 1 ~ 5 for the next sample analysis. BPM-2000 uses a high-resolution liquid level sensor, which can accurately measure every 0.15% distillate and measure the corresponding temperature. Through the measurement of the entire distillation process, a detailed sample distillation curve can be obtained.
The standard test method that fully complies with ASTM D86 and GB / T6536 is used for online automatic atmospheric distillation analysis of the sample. When the vacuum accessory is added, the vacuum distillation analysis that conforms to the standard test method of ASTM D1160 and GB / T 9168 can be performed;
A special stainless steel distillation bottle is used, which is easy to disassemble and clean, and can effectively prevent dirt and coking clogging;
Obtained the National Explosion Protection Certification of China and reached NEPSI Ex dpx IIB + H2 T4 Gb, which can be applied to any processing and refining process of petroleum refining, certificate number GYJ14.1186x
Use intuitive 10 'color tablet computer operation interface, can choose Chinese or English language display, built-in Windows XP or Win7 system, convenient for on-site operation and maintenance, can display rich information and graphics
Fit and calculate the distillation curve for the distillation data, accurately determine the initial boiling point (IBP) and final boiling point (FBP), and can output the distillation curve data and the data of 1 to 8 designated distillation points
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Technical index
product name Online distillation analyzer, model BPM-2000
Measuring object The distillation range or boiling range of liquid petroleum products and organic chemical products, including quality petroleum products, lubricating base oils, alcohols, ethers, esters, benzene, etc.
Measurement methods Test and analysis according to ASTM or GB standard distillation method
Explosion-proof grade NEPSI Ex dpx IIB+H2 T4 Gb
Protection level IP55
Measurement period 20 ~ 40 minutes
Measuring range 0~400℃
Detector Temperature detection, Class A PT100 thermal resistance; liquid level detection, high precision CCD sensor, liquid level resolution accuracy 0.125mm
Repeatability ± 2% full scale
Linearity ± 2% full scale
output signal Distillation curve data: real-time recording of temperature and recovery rate
Distillation point, 1 to 8 points can be set
Contact signal, input type and output type, can be set
Digital signal, optional RS485 / MODBUS, TCP / IP, HART, etc.
Vacuum distillation accessories Please consult with the hash technology department to make technical solutions according to the actual situation of users


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