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Pro wind direction and speed sensor

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Pro wind direction and speed sensor

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Product description
Technical indicators
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Professional level 10, made of anodized aluminum material, solid and durable. The shaft has extremely high performance, which can withstand long-term seawater corrosion and resist harsh environments; high measurement accuracy, stability, low starting wind speed, and very little maintenance.
Measuring principle
This professional sensor meets WMO requirements and is reliable, accurate, and economical.
This professional wind direction sensor is manufactured by Adcon, one of Germany's most famous sensor manufacturers. The shell is made of anodized aluminum material that is extremely strong and resistant to seawater corrosion, and can withstand the harshest environments.
Wind speed sensor
The wind speed sensor adopts super-class low-friction bearings and a large-size aluminum wind cup (3 wind cup components can be replaced on site), and the starting wind speed is as low as
Below 0.4m / s. The sensor measures wind speeds up to 270 km / h.
Wind direction sensor
This part uses an accurate Hall sensor element. The vane design is extremely precise, extremely reliable, lightweight and made of aluminum and stainless steel. Like the wind cup, the wind vane is also easy to replace on site.
Both of these sensor components require very little maintenance and can maintain their factory quality after many years.
In order to install the sensor in accordance with WMO requirements, the sensor assembly is equipped with an 80 cm long rod-type mounting arm with a mounting bracket. Each sensor comes with its own Pentax cable and a separate Y-cable, so that each sensor component only needs to be replaced during maintenance or repair, but the entire sensor only occupies an Adcon RTU plug.
We can provide you with each sensor component separately. If ordered separately, each will have a mounting arm and a Pentax 2m cable.
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