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Polymetron9184 TFC/ACID

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Polymetron9184 TFC/ACID

Industry application: Drinking water treatment plant drinking water distribution network cooling water Product features:-According to the type of product analysis of active chlorine (HOCl) or total free chlorine-(HOCl + ClO-)-anti-chloramine interference-only small Maintenance volume-fast response time-use of low detection limits to monitor residual chlorine-user-friendly user-friendly interface menu-2 "smart" simulation outputs that automatically identify the status of the instrument
Product description
Technical indicators
Industry application:
Drinking water treatment plant
Drinking water distribution network
Cooling water
-According to product type, active chlorine (HOCl) or total free chlorine
-(HOCl + ClO-) for analysis
-Anti-chloramine interference
-Only small maintenance required
-Fast response time
-Use low detection limits to monitor residual chlorine
-Friendly interface menu for user programming
-2 "intelligent" simulation outputs that automatically recognize the status of the instrument
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Technical index
Measuring range: 0-5PPm;
Inlet flow rate: 10-30l/h;
temperature range: 0℃-45℃;
Reproducibility: Less than + 2% of the measured value;
Detection limit: Less than 10PPb;
Response time: Less than 90 seconds;
communication method: RS485,Profibus,JBUS/MODBUS,014-20mA;


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