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Quanta multi-parameter water quality analyzer

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Quanta multi-parameter water quality analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
product description
HACH / Hydrolab is very proud to introduce Quanta to you. During the design of Quanta, our goal is to produce a beautiful, easy-to-use multi-parameter instrument at a lower price than all similar products on the market-but No sacrifice in data quality. Quanta is a comprehensive system that can monitor multiple water quality parameters simultaneously. It can be operated in water with a depth of 100 meters. Quanta's display is rugged and durable, with a waterproof rating of NEMA 6, capable of storing 200 sets of data, and can display 5 parameters at a time. Quanta displays and cables form a compact, lightweight system with a good price / performance ratio. Hydrolab can provide Quanta with ground-based and buoy-based recording and communication systems. Using advanced communication technology, you can access your data anywhere in the world.
Quanta is designed to monitor rivers, lakes, creeks, oceans, and any water body in between. It can be used not only in contaminated water bodies, but also in unpolluted water bodies. When equipped with an optional flow cell, it can also be used to monitor groundwater quality parameters.
Product Features-Why choose Quanta?
Quanta can measure the following parameters:
● Temperature
● Dissolved oxygen
● Electrical conductivity / salinity
● PH
● Depth
● Pressure (Immersion depth can reach up to 10 meters)
● 4 beam turbidity
Quanta is equipped with the most popular SDI interface and can be connected with many third-party data loggers. Up to 10 Quanta transmitters can be connected. In addition to the four-beam turbidity sensor using the method approved by the Drinking Water Safety Act-Method 2 of GLI, all Hach ’s sensors and sample circulators meet the technical parameters set by the water and wastewater standard inspection method . This is also a standard that the US Environmental Protection Agency has long recognized. Optional accessories include backpacks, flow cells and sack boards.
Quanta's display uses an intuitive and simple menu system. The system can store up to 200 sets of data, and can quickly calibrate the instrument.
The Quanta system is mainly composed of three parts-part is a Quanta transmitter, used to accommodate the sensor; the second part is the Quanta display, used to supply power and display data; the third part is the connection cable. The core part of Quanta instrument is Hydrolab's excellent sensor technology. These sensors have undergone rigorous field inspection and have been proven to provide you with reliable water quality data.
-Excellent sensor technology
Temperature-The thermistor with extremely high stability is used in 316 stainless steel tube, no calibration is needed for life.
Dissolved Oxygen-Use the field-tested Kraco membrane technology.
● Can provide continuous and stable readings.
● Low maintenance rate, easy cleaning and maintenance, and low cost. No need to restore the sensor.
PH ——Using standard PH glass electrode and unique recoverable reference electrode.
● Our reference electrode is more reliable, longer in use and easier to maintain, and can be refilled within a few seconds.
● No need to replace the sensor.
ORP-Use standard platinum electrodes.
Electrical conductivity-using standard four-electrode technology.
● Open pool design, easy to maintain, and can provide more reliable data-bubbles and precipitation will not affect the sensor.
Depth-Use customized pressure sensors with high stability.
● There are two ranges for selection-0-25 meters and 0-100 meters.
Pressure-When the range is 0 ~ 10 meters, Quanta's accuracy can reach 0.003 meters. Accuracy is valid in all temperature ranges, not just at 25 ° C.
● Ventilation opening can automatically correct the change of atmospheric pressure.
Turbidity-the four-beam turbidity provided.
● Four-beam turbidity sensor has strong dirt resistance and accurate measurement.
● The optional quick calibration module makes the calibration and confirmation work very simple.
Quanta display:
● It can display the readings of 5 parameters at a time.
● Simple and intuitive operation.
● Low battery indicator.
● Can store 200 sets of data.
● Calibration is simple.
● Circulator can provide samples, so that you can get more accurate readings.
Quanta integrated samples:
The circulator can generate a stream of water through the sensor. The miniature circulator can help to achieve fast, accurate and stable dissolved oxygen measurement, and can provide the following benefits for other sensors:
● Short response time-This is very important when detecting flowing pollutants or when the sensor moves up and down in the water.
● The harmful effects of sensor contamination can be reduced by sweeping the debris and suppressing the activity of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, fungi) attached to the sensor.
● With the sample circulator, the instrument can be used in all environments without being restricted by flow rate. The instrument can be used in areas with poor mixing in water, or in porous stainless steel or PVC pipes with extremely low flow rates.
Four-beam turbidity sensor:
The patented four-beam turbidity sensor incorporates many technologies used in waterworks, where accurate and reliable readings are critical. The sensor complies with ISO7027, and has the following characteristics: Pollution compensation-This technology can automatically calculate and compensate for pollution on the optical lens. Stray air bubbles will not affect the turbidity reading.
Not affected by ambient light-This patented technology is not affected by ambient light. Therefore, turbidity sensors can be used in shallow rivers and streams.
Strong light source-provides stable and accurate measurement.
Quick calibration module-provides a unique, patented module for calibration and verification. The quick calibration module can be used as the second standard to verify the calibration of the 4-beam turbidity sensor.
Accuracy-The four-beam technology makes the sensor the most accurate sensor on the market today.
High range-the sensor can be applied in the water body of 0 ~ 1000NTU.
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Technical index
  Range Accuracy Resolution
temperature - 5℃~50℃ ±0.15℃ 0.01℃
Dissolved oxygen 0~50mg/L ± 0.2mg/L, ≤ 20mg/L 0.01mg/L
    ± 0.6mg/L, >20mg/L  
Conductivity 0~100mS/cm ± 1% of reading, ± 0.01PSS 4 digits
pH 0~14 ± 0.2 0.01
ORP -999~+999mV ± 20mV 1mV
Four-beam turbidity 0~1000NTU ± 5% of reading, ± 1NTU 0.1NTU( < 100)
      1NTU(≥ 100NTU)
depth(0~25m) 0~25m ± 0.1m 0.1m
depth(0~100m) 0~100m ± 0.3m 0.1m
Pressure (0 ~ 10m) 0~10m ± 0.003m 0.001m
salinity 0~70PSS ± 1%,± 0.01PSS 0.01PSS
Quanta transmitter:
diameter: 7.6cm
length: 22.9 cm
weight: 1.3kg
Quanta display:
screen size: 8.9cm
Weight (with battery): 0.95kg
RAM: 200 sets of data (1 set can store all parameter values), NEMA6 waterproof
Low battery display
Operating temperature: - 5℃~50℃
battery: 3 secondary batteries
Battery Life: Up to 15 hours


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