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OTT ecoLog500 / 800 multifunctional groundwater level recorder

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OTT ecoLog500 / 800 multifunctional groundwater level recorder

Product description
Technical indicators
Technical characteristics
-Integrated monitoring of water temperature and water level
-Integrated design of sensor, data acquisition instrument, controller and communication module without any compatibility issues
-Ceramic capacitive sensor, durable and no drift
-Automatic temperature, air pressure and altitude compensation
-Unique Teflon molecular sieve, air pressure compensation is not affected by humidity
-Flexible selection of battery types, easy and convenient on-site replacement
-Lithium battery life is greater than 10 years
-High-quality 904L stainless steel shell, super protection and anti-corrosion ability
-Professional cable made of Kerraff material, not deformed for long-term use
-All inside and outside sealed to prevent leakage
-Infrared interface, never corrode and rust
-Built-in wireless transmission function to realize remote communication
-Support various SMS and GPRS remote transmission
-Simple and convenient installation, suitable for various wellheads
-All Chinese operation software
-Measurable salinity (Ecolog800 type)
-Automatic density compensation (Ecolog 800 type)
Measuring principle
The OTT Ecolog500 / 800 type groundwater recorder adopts a highly integrated design, integrating sensors, data acquisition instruments, and wireless communication modules. It is designed and manufactured in Germany as a whole, and can form a small measuring station independently for various groundwater levels water temperature and salinity. (Type 800) measurement.
The instrument uses a dry ceramic capacitive sensor to measure the pressure under water, and at the same time connects the external atmosphere through the air pipe to automatically measure the external air pressure. The sensor directly measures the difference between the water pressure and the air pressure and converts it into the true height of the water column. Water level elevation or buried depth. At the same time, in order to ensure that the trachea is not disturbed by external temperature and humidity, a Teflon molecular sieve is specially designed at the end of the trachea to block external water molecules from entering the trachea and ensure the performance of air pressure compensation.
The ceramic capacitive sensor has the characteristics of good long-term stability and long-term use without drift. At the same time, after high-density pressure correction, even small water level changes can be measured and recorded.
The OTT Ecolog500 / 800 sensor housing is made of 904L stainless steel, which is much higher than similar products in terms of corrosion resistance. Even under high salinity conditions, it can be used normally and has the same corrosion resistance as titanium alloys.
The instrument has a built-in 4M memory, which can store up to 500,000 water level, water temperature, battery voltage, communication voltage and communication signal quality data at the same time. The battery can be powered by lithium battery, alkaline battery or external battery. The service life of the lithium battery is more than 10 years .
Application range
-Routine monitoring of groundwater
-Monitoring of bank filter wells
-Monitor seawater intrusion
-Wetland monitoring
-Open-pit mine pollution monitoring
-Aquifer monitoring
-Agricultural irrigation monitoring
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Technical index
Water depth
Measuring range: 0 – 4/10/20/40/100 m
Resolution: 0.01 % FS
Accuracy: ±0.05 % FS
Long-term stability: ± 0.1% / year FS
Measuring range: -25 °C - 70 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Accuracy: ±0.5 °C
Range: 0~2000 µS/cm or0.1~100 mS/cm
Resolution: 1 µS / cm or 0.01 mS / cm
± 1 µS / cm or ± 0.5% of measured value (whichever is higher)
Or ± 0.01mS / cm or ± 1.5% of the measured value (whichever is higher)
power supply:
2 1.5 V No. 2 alkaline batteries
Or 1-2 lithium batteries 3.6 V / 13 Ah
Battery life:
It is measured every hour and transmitted once a week.
Lithium battery (DD): About 10 years
Alkaline battery (CC): About 2 years
GSM standard 850/900 MHz / 1800/1900 MHz,
GSM (quad-band), GPRS
antenna: Built-in; weather resistance, optional external antenna
interface: Infrared (IrDA)
RAM: 4 MB, about 500,000 measured values
Measurement / storage cycle: 5 seconds… 24 hours
Installed in observation wells equal to or greater than 2 ";
Operating temperature: -30 °C - + 85 °C
Storage temperature: -40 °C - + 85 °C
Dimensions L x Ø:
Sensor unit: 195 mm x 22 mm
Communication unit: 516 mm x 50 mm
sensor: 约 0.300 kg
Communication device: 约 0.720 kg
Shell material:
Sensor unit: 904L stainless steel
Communication unit: Aluminum, PA-GF
cable: Kerraff fiber
Type of protection
Sensor unit: IP 68
Communication unit: IP 67
EMV standard
meets theEG 204/108/EG
ETSI EN 301 486-1/-7
EN 61326-1


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