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OTT netDL 500/1000 IP data collector

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OTT netDL 500/1000 IP data collector

Product description
Technical indicators
product description:
The OTT netDL 500/1000 data acquisition instrument compatible with IP performance is specially developed for water affairs, hydrology and meteorological stations, etc. As with standard data acquisition tasks, a variety of data collectors support all current remote data transmission methods and can be via Ethernet Communicate. Its built-in GSM / GPRS modem (optional) can transmit data to the data center. Ethernet and USB ports and the integrated WER SERVER function can establish additional communication, users with high-level data requirements can simultaneously through different channels Communication. The module design can meet various needs, and can be used as a separate data acquisition instrument. In addition, the data acquisition instrument can perform multi-tasking work and all connected sensors can communicate simultaneously. The product has large storage space and high efficiency At the same time, the energy management function of the user is simple and can be controlled remotely through a browser.
-Each data logger can be configured individually, and the site operator can simply call the input and output modules to adapt to all applications;
-Integrated web sever function can receive data through a standard browser: no special software is required, you can read and write freely.
-The standard port supports multiple transmission protocols (HTTP, SMTP, FTP) and data formats (Package Exchange XML) allowing simple integration into the current system or future system without worrying about long-term investment.
-Redundant communication can ensure data integrity
-All connected sensors can process data in parallel, making it possible to sample data at short intervals.
-Large data storage capacity ensures measurement integrity without losing data;
-Instantaneous values ​​and other information can be quickly read and displayed on the screen;
-Extremely low power consumption suitable for use at remote sites.
Flexibility provided by multiple communication methods
-Integrated GPS / GPRS modem—communication telephone network or mobile network. Modem and data logger can work well with each other, no additional modem is required
-Ethernet: direct and fast connection to Ethernet (netDL1000);
-RS232: used to connect external devices, such as satellite transmission;
-USB: can be directly connected to a local laptop or a USB memory card;
Simple configuration and setting of operating parameters
-Parameter setting through configuration assistant;
-All important steps with online help information;
-With prompt information and internal data check;
-A configuration template for a single channel can be established.
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Technical index
communication method
Ethernet RJ45 10M (netDL 1000)
USB port and USB device
RS232 (netDL1000: 2; netDL500: 1)
Sensor interface
RS-485 (SDI-12, Modbus)
RS232 (optional)
AI / AO (configurable)
Status input / output / pulse (netDL1000: 4netDL500: 2)
Switch output
IP communication
Integrated TCP / IP (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SNTP ...)
GPRS, Ethernet / DSL, PPP transmission routes
Integrated web server
Data transmission is encrypted SSL / TLS (HTTPS)
Built-in GSM / GPRS modem (optional) Motorola G30, sound error MP3
operating system Multi-task operating system with energy manager to achieve energy consumption
powered by
9-28VDC (typical 12VDC) Power consumption at 12VDC
Sleep mode: < 250uA;
Sleep mode, pulse activated: < 10mA
Activation mode: 25mA… .400mA (according to configuration)
RAM Storage space: 4M
Dot matrix (122x32 pixels)
Controlled by knob
LED backlight
Status Display
Two rows of LEDs (variable with built-in modem)
Time synchronization
Network Time Protocol
temperature range
Operating temperature: -40℃…+ 70 ℃
storage temperature: -50℃…+ 80 ℃
Built-in modem: -30℃…+70 ℃
display: -20℃…+70 ℃
Relative temperature 5… 95% (non-condensing)
shell ABS
Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) netDL1000:232mmX124mmX86mm
Protection level IP41


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Mainly engaged in the distribution of environmental monitoring instruments and meters, as well as the integration and operation and maintenance of environmental monitoring systems; Research and development, production, and sales of environmental monitoring instruments;

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