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OTT PLS pressure water level gauge

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OTT PLS pressure water level gauge

Product description
Technical indicators
Ceramic capacitance sensor, long-term use without zero drift
Built-in air guide tube to achieve automatic air pressure compensation, differential pressure measurement
Automatic density compensation
Automatic altitude compensation
Automatic temperature compensation
The water level is true and stable, and is not affected by changes in outside air pressure, altitude, and meteorological conditions
The sensor shell is laser welded, the inside is completely sealed, and it is durable and durable
The cable is made of Kellav material, with excellent waterproof performance and no deformation after long-term use
Simple and convenient installation and operation
10 times overload capacity
4-20 mA signal or SDI-12 * interface (* Water level or water temperature output can be selected)
Can simultaneously read water level and temperature data
Measuring principle:
OTT PLS pressure water level meter adopts dry ceramic capacitance sensor and micro-processing technology design, with SDI-12 interface or 4 ~ 20mA output optional, the output value includes water level and temperature measurement;
The instrument comes with an air duct, which is connected to the outside atmosphere through the air duct, and the other end is connected to the pressure sensor. The pressure sensor measures the water pressure and the external atmospheric pressure at the same time, and directly obtains the actual water pressure through the pressure difference method, and then converts it to the corresponding water column height, and outputs it to the external data acquisition instrument in the form of water depth or water level.
The microprocessor built into the measurement unit eliminates the effects of changes in water temperature or density. The measurement accuracy is as high as 0.05mm, and it can also compensate for the impact of gravity acceleration changes at different altitudes and latitudes.
The overload capacity of the sensor is 10 times of the full range, and the protective tube is welded by laser to ensure the waterproof effect. At the same time, it has excellent cost performance.
Application range:
Various surface water level measurement, groundwater level measurement, long-term water level measurement and other applications that require water level measurement.
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Technical index
Range: 0 ~5 m、0 ~10m、0 ~20m、0 ~ 40m、0~100m
Long-term stability: ± 0.05% FS / 每年
Resolution: 0.05% FS
Linearity, repeatability <0.03% FS
Automatic temperature, density, altitude and gravity compensation
Output: SDI12, or 4 ~ 20 mA
power supply: 8.5 to 30 V DC
Temperature compensation range: -5 ℃ to + 45 ℃ (no ice period)
Operating temperature: -25 ℃ to + 70 ℃ (glacial period)
measure time: Start time 500 ms Response time 500 ms
size 170 × 19mm


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