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OTT CTD groundwater temperature and depth measurement recorder

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OTT CTD groundwater temperature and depth measurement recorder

Product description
Technical indicators
Technical characteristics
-Ceramic capacitive sensor, no zero drift for long-term use
-Built-in air guide tube to achieve automatic air pressure compensation, differential pressure measurement
-Unique Teflon molecular sieve to prevent water molecules from entering the trachea and ensure the accuracy of air pressure compensation
-Automatic density, altitude, temperature compensation
-Water level values ​​are not affected by changes in outside air pressure, changes in altitude and weather conditions
-The four-electrode battery method measures the salinity with little polarization effect
-The sensor housing is made of 904L stainless steel, laser welded, internally sealed, strong and corrosion resistant
-The cable is made of Kellav material, with excellent waterproof performance and no deformation after long-term use
-Simple installation and operation
-4M memory, can store more than 500,000 data, the data will not be lost after long-term use.
-Can be powered by various rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries and lithium batteries, the batteries can be replaced
-The service life of the lithium battery is more than 10 years
-Simple and convenient installation and operation, can be adapted to various wellheads
-Infrared communication mode to prevent the corrosion of equipment communication interface caused by wet wellhead
-4 times overload capacity
-Provide various communication methods, SMS messages, GPRS network transmission
Measuring principle
OTT CTD is a professional groundwater temperature and depth measurement recorder, it can monitor water level, water temperature and conductivity, and can convert conductivity to salinity and TDS (total dissolved solids) output. The water level is measured by the pressure difference method, and its own air guide tube is used to realize automatic air pressure compensation.
It can be combined with the OTT ITC transmission unit to form a field independent measurement station and transmit data to the monitoring system in various remote ways (SMS, GPRS, etc.).
Application range
-Routine monitoring of surface water and groundwater
-Monitoring of bank filter wells
-Monitor seawater intrusion
-Groundwater salinity distribution monitoring
-Wetland monitoring
-Open-pit mine pollution monitoring
-Aquifer monitoring
-Agricultural irrigation monitoring
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Technical index
Water level measurement:
Range: 0~4m; 0~10m; 0~20m; 0~40m; 0~100m
Resolution: 0.01 %FS
Accuracy: 士0.05%FS
Pressure probe: Ceramic capacitor temperature compensation
Overload capacity: Greater than 4 times the range
Temperature compensation range: -5~45 ℃
Temperature measurement:
Range: -25~70 ℃
Resolution: 0.01 ℃
Accuracy: 士0.1 ℃
Conductance measurement:
Range: 0.001~2.000 mS/cm  0.10~100.00 mS/cm
Resolution: 0.001 mS/cm
0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy: 士0.5%Measurements
Overall indicators:
powered by: 3x1 .5V No. 5 battery
Battery Life: More than 10 years (lithium battery), more than 2 years (alkaline battery)
interface: Infrared interface
RAM: 4 MB / approx. 500,000 measured values
Measurement interval: 5 seconds ~ 24 hours
Communication unit size: 400 mm x 22mm  (L* Ø)
Probe size: 317mm*22mm  (L* Ø)
Material: Stainless steel DIN1.4539 (904L)
EMV standard: Meet EN 61000 / EN 55011 Class B


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