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OTT Pluvio2 Universal high-precision weighing rain gauge

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OTT Pluvio2 Universal high-precision weighing rain gauge

Product description
Technical indicators
Technical characteristics
-Complies with WMO 306 No. 8 rainfall measurement standard
-Not affected by outside climate
-Weighing method is 10 times more accurate than the traditional tipping bucket rain gauge
-Can measure any solid / liquid and mixed precipitation
-No mechanical device, maintenance is at most once a year, and there is no maintenance problem of tipping bucket rain gauge
-Can measure any type of rainfall
-Collect data throughout the year
-Simple and convenient installation, maintenance-free
-Weighing system that is calibrated for life, does not require regular calibration
-Especially suitable for heavy rain / snowfall measurements
-Real-time rain intensity range up to 1800 mm / h
-Equipped with heating device, it can work normally in extreme conditions such as heavy snow and frost
-Comes with wind compensation
-Operating temperature range from -40 – 60 degrees
-It can be powered by solar energy and can be used for field measurement
-Two specifications are used in wet and arid areas
-USB interface for setting, simple and convenient
-RS485, SDI12 and pulse output, flexible and versatile
Measuring principle
Pluvio2 uses a high-precision electronic weighing principle for all types of precipitation measurement. The high-precision weight sensor can measure the rainfall intensity at the same time, and the internal electronic balance system can also measure the amount of rain evaporation (0.01 mm) with high precision. Equipped with inverted siphon type automatic drainage system and heating device, it is not affected by external weather changes. Low power consumption intelligent output, solar power or 12V battery power supply can work normally.
In winter, antifreeze can be added to the rain bucket to measure snowfall. The snow melted directly in the rain bucket will not accumulate and freeze. The instrument is equipped with wind compensation and precipitation detection functions, and can be used normally in strong wind areas in time. In addition, windshield shield accessories can better adapt to the northwest and other regions with large wind and sand.
Application range
-General rainfall station
-Heavy rain
-Snowfall monitoring
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Technical index
Measurement methods Weighing method
Measurement type Solid, liquid and solid-liquid mixed precipitation
Rain catching area 200/400 cm2
Volume (depth) 1500/750 mm
Measurement data
Real-time precipitation intensity (mm / h)
Real-time accumulated precipitation (mm), non-real-time accumulated precipitation (mm) *
Total accumulated precipitation (mm) *
Real-time sampling bucket capacity (mm), non-real-time sampling bucket capacity (mm)
Pressure sensor element temperature, heating status
Range and accuracy
Real-time precipitation intensity 6.00 to 1800.00 mm / h
Non-real-time precipitation intensity 3.00to1800.00 mm/h
Real-time / non-real-time cumulative precipitation 0.01to1800.00 mm
temperature -40to+60℃
Resolution 0.01 mm,0.01 mm/h
Accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
Collection interval 1~60 mins
Supply voltage 10 to 28 VDC
power 180 mW/15 mA @ 12V
Ring heating option 24 VDC/50 Watt
size 750 mm high / 450 mm diameter
weight 15 kg (empty barrel)
Material Shell stainless steel, aluminum, polyethylene sampling barrel
USB interface Used to set up the instrument
Output Interface SDI-12, RS485, pulse output
Operating temperature -40 to +60 ℃
stored temperature -50 to +70 ℃
Relative humidity 0 to 100% RH
Protection level Enclosure IP 54, anti-salt spray; pressure unit IP67; electronic circuit IP64
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