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OTT Pluvio2 S compact all-weather weighing rain gauge

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OTT Pluvio2 S compact all-weather weighing rain gauge

Product description
Technical indicators
Product Overview
OTT Pluvio2S beautiful and compact all-weather liquid and solid precipitation rain gauge, caliber 200cm2, capacity 450mm
OTT Pluvio2SH with heating ring
-OTT Pluvio2S is the result of experience, enthusiasm and engineering technology
-OTT Pluvio2S is carefully built on the basis of OTT Pluvio installed and used worldwide and more successful OTT Pluvio2 (over 7500 units in total)
-OTT Pluvio2S is an all-weather rain gauge with artistic sense of high precision measuring rain intensity and accumulated rainfall
-OTT Pluvio2S adopts innovative technology, advanced mechanical technology and elaborate electronic design to promote longevity, low cost (referring to total cost), and achieve high-quality precipitation measurement around the clock.
-OTT Pluvio2S adopts revolutionary and innovative methods to adjust and realize the self-calibration of industrialized load cells. Reference to the temperature and reference weight of the self-calibration room and the use of advanced data processing technology are the key engineering means to achieve higher standards of precipitation monitoring. The self-calibration function has been effective throughout the life cycle of the instrument, OTT Pluvio2S can be applied to almost all professional meteorological applications
Technical characteristics
-OTT Pluvio2S occupies a small space, and the rain bucket can accommodate 450mm of precipitation
-According to the WMO 306 No. 8 meteorological specification, the output of rain intensity and accumulated rainfall, the measured rain intensity range is impressive 0.03 ~ 3000 mm / h
-With low power consumption and advanced data acquisition and signal analysis and processing technology, with advanced filtering and noise reduction technology, with advanced algorithms to compensate for errors caused by temperature and wind
-Multiple data interfaces (SDI-12, RS485, Pulse / Contact), through the USB port or control commands to configure the mean time between failures MTBF up to 100 years, the weighing unit uses high-strength sealing, voltage overload and mechanical protection
-Full life cycle self-calibration, no drift, maintenance-free instrument
-Low total cost, 99% high data availability
-Field replaceable components can be quickly replaced on site through pre-calibration settings
-The new instrument can be used for unattended rain detection and can replace manual rain measurement or tipping rain gauge
-OTT Pluvio²S occupies a small space and is installed on a standard 2-inch steel pipe with optional heater. It is an ideal alternative instrument for manual rainfall monitoring or tipping bucket rain gauge that requires daily maintenance. Low power consumption allows the instrument to integrate a data collector and GPRS communication to form an independent system, only need to attach a small solar panel and a remote control unit
-Based on the software solution, the retrieved data can be accessed by the network through the host and provided to network operators and customers
-Configuration, monitoring and user settings via embedded USB port:
-Configure multiple interfaces: sdi 12, RS485-2Wire / 4 Wire, pulse output
-Physical units can be selected from metric or imperial
-Data and diagnosis
-Heater mode and temperature settings
-Accuracy test guide
-Firmware update
Application range
Rain measurement by meteorological observation station, rain measurement by automatic weather station, rain measurement by hydrology and water conservancy, rain detection by forest fire prevention, rain measurement by railway line, rain measurement by geological disasters ... Especially suitable for heavy rain, snow monitoring, weather radar system Z / R Correlation and calibration etc.
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Technical index
sensor type: Weighing method rain gauge
Sensor element: High-strength sealed load cell
Rainfall type: Liquid, solid and mixed precipitation
Rain collector area: 200cm2
capacity: 450 fluff / 18 inches
Measurement data
Range: 0 ~3000mm/h/120/inch/h
Sensitivity @ 1hour: 0.03mm/h/ 0.0012 inch、h
Resolution: 0.01 mm/ 0.0004 inch
0.01mm/h / 0.0004inch/h
Accuracy: ± 0.1mm or ± 1%
Supply voltage: 5.5 ~28 VDC/180mW
Ring heater: 24 VDC/max 70 Watt
USB interface: Settings / Service Mode
Output Interface: SDI-12 、RS485、4wire/2wire
Baud rate: 1200(SDI-12)
Pulse / connection: 0,1 mm (5 or 2 Hz)
Pulse / connection: Status (0 to 120 Pulses)
Tube wall / frame: Flawless stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Base: Aluminum alloy
Load unit: Flawless stainless steel
Rain bucket: Ethylene
Mounting/Install: Ø2 “, 50 - 60 mm
Real time (RT): Rain intensity, measuring cylinder
Real-time / non-real-time: Accumulated rainfall (simulated tipping bucket rain gauge)
Non-real time (NRT): Cumulative rainfall and measuring cup
status: Operating modes, hardware and heating
Output interface:
1 minute (Yu Qiang)
1 ~ 60 minutes
18 seconds (real time)
5 minutes (non-real time)
Dimensions HxD: 650 x 224 mm
weight: 7 kg
Operating temperature: -40 to +60 ℃
stored temperature: -50 to +70 ℃
Relative humidity: 0 to 100% RH
Protection level of load unit and electronic circuit: IP67 salt spray
Enclosure rating: IP 65,
Over voltageEN 61000-4-2/4/5/6 Level 5
(4 kV), integrated for power
and interface lines
EM/EMIEN 61000-4-3, CE conform


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