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OTT RLS radar water level gauge

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OTT RLS radar water level gauge

Product description
Technical indicators
Technical characteristics
Pulse radar, energy saving and efficient
Professional hydrological radar with built-in wave compensation to eliminate wind and bridge vibration effects
Non-contact measurement
Not affected by high water level, silt, garbage, plants, etc.
Not affected by temperature
Ultra low power consumption
Easy installation and low space occupation rate
Compact design and rugged housing (IP67)
Lightning protection design
Low maintenance cost
Integrated RS485 and SDI12 interfaces with analog output
High precision-35 m range, accuracy 3 mm
Measuring principle
The OTT RLS radar water level gauge is a non-contact water level gauge, which uses pulse radar technology to measure the water level. This energy-saving, non-contact measurement technology makes OTT RLS free of temperature gradients, water contaminants and sediments during measurement. The effect of the measurement can therefore be obtained accurately.
OTT RLS uses energy-saving pulse radar technology to measure the liquid level. As shown in the figure above, there are two smooth antennas in the front splint for transmission and reception. During each measurement, the transmission antenna transmits the radar pulse signal to the water surface. After the pulse signal is reflected by the water surface, it is detected by the receiving antenna To. The time (delay time) of the pulse signal reflected from the transmission to the water surface depends on the distance between the OTT RLS and the water surface. The OTT RLS uses the linear relationship between the delay time and the distance to the water surface to achieve the liquid level (distance value) measuring.
OTT RLS's extremely low energy consumption (measurement status: current is 12mA at 12V), wide power supply range and standardized interface make OTT RLS can adapt to a variety of needs, it can be easily connected to a data recorder or remote data acquisition The system also has a high range of up to 35 meters.
Fluctuation compensation
OTT RLS achieves about 16 independent measurements per second. After completing a measurement cycle, the average value obtained by calculation will be output as the result. The average value will be used to calculate the bracket vibration caused by water surface fluctuations and wind or caused by vehicle driving. The impact of the bridge vibration on the measurement results is minimized, and such measurement results can be comparable to the level values ​​measured in the still water well.
Application range
Various water level measuring stations and seasonal rivers are not suitable for underwater installations
Flash flood warning
Where high power consumption is required
Where the water flow is corrosive
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Technical index
Water level measurement
Measuring range 0.8-35m
measurement accuracy ±3mm
measure time 20 seconds (SDI 12) or 30 seconds (4-20Ma)
Antenna beam angle (broad wave) 12°
Electrical parameters
Power supply range 9.6-28V DC, typical: 12-24V DC
Power consumption during measurement <140mW(<12mA在12V时)
Non-measured power consumption < 1mW (< 0.05mA at 12V)
Communication Interface 4-20mA, SDI-12, RS-485, two-wire system (SDI-12 protocol)
Dimensions L × W × H 222mm×152mm×190mm
Weight (including bogie) 约2.1kg
Operating temperature -40-+60℃
Storage temperature -40-+85℃
Relative humidity 0-100%
shell material Engineering Plastic ASA (UV-stabilized ABS)
Antenna shield material splint Highly integrated polytetrafluoroethylene TFM PTFE
Bracket material Stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A)
Protection level IP67 (immersion depth 1 meter; immersion time up to 48 hours)
Low energy equipment electromagnetic compatibility ETSI EN 301 489-3
Low voltage equipment safety EN 60950-1
European Low Energy Radio Device * Certification ETSI EN 300 440
U.S. Low Energy Radio Device * Certification FCC 47 CFR Part 15
Canadian Low Energy Radio Device * Certification RSS 210 Issue 7


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