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OTT SE200 Economical float level gauge

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OTT SE200 Economical float level gauge

Product description
Technical indicators
Technical characteristics
Easy system integration
Standard signal output 4 ~ 20mA and SDI-12
Adjustable output unit: cm / mm or ft
Optional flood protection settings
Variety of choices, multiple sizes of steel rope
Float cable or float bead cable
Measuring range -30m ~ + 30m
Measuring principle
The float-driven SE200 was developed based on the successfully approved OTT Thalimedes float-type water level recorder. It is mainly used for continuous water level measurement. "Float-float cable-counterweight system" transmits the change of water level to the float pulley of the sensor. The mechanical rotation of the system will be converted into an electronic signal. The measured value will be calculated and processed internally, and finally through SDI-12 and ~ 20mA output.
The SE200 float water level gauge can be connected to an external data acquisition device or SCADA system through different output signals.
Application range
It is suitable for continuous measurement of surface water or groundwater level, and can be used in combination with other data recorders and other communication equipment to remotely transmit data.
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Technical index
Measuring range: -30m~+30m
Optional output: SDI-12 or 4~20mA
SDI-12: 0.01 or 0.001m
4~20mA: 0.1% of measuring range
SDI-12: ± 0.003% of measuring range
4~20mA: 0.1% of measuring range
powered by: 9~30V
temperature range: -20~+70℃
Relative humidity: 10~95%
Dimensions (L × W × H): 82mm × 82mm × 34mm
Perimeter of float pulley: 200mm
weight: 250g
Shell material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Protection level: IP54


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