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OTT Parsivel2 Multifunction Laser Rain Drop Spectrometer

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OTT Parsivel2 Multifunction Laser Rain Drop Spectrometer

Product description
Technical indicators
OTT Parsivel2: Based on the principle of precipitation attenuation of laser by precipitation particles, it accurately measures precipitation (liquid, solid, mixed) particle diameter, velocity, distribution density, rain intensity, accumulated rainfall, weather phenomenon, visibility and other meteorological parameters such as raindrop spectrum analyzer, high High-precision meteorological sensor with all-weather precision rain gauge, weather phenomenon recognition instrument and visibility instrument.
Technical characteristics
Can monitor particle size distribution and velocity distribution in the air
Can be used to calibrate weather radar
Patented extinction measurement method
Use maintenance-free laser technology to adapt to unattended and reliable operation
With lightning protection function and automatic heating function, it is reliable in all environmental and climatic conditions
Controlled by software, it can save electricity and self-heating
Can identify all types of precipitation, including mixed precipitation in the melting layer
Analysis of complex precipitation processes using two-dimensional particle size and velocity distribution
Special measuring head can prevent the secondary spectrum caused by water splashing on the sensor head
Transmitter and receiver design is perfect, can track precipitation signals without hindrance
Technical advantages
High accuracy-can accurately measure the important meteorological parameters such as particle size and velocity of each type of precipitation
Maintenance-free-the streamlined shield design greatly reduces the disturbance to the wind, precipitation particles enter the optical measurement area freely, and there are no moving parts
Durable-provides continuous and accurate rain measurement data in all environmental and weather conditions, with complete overload protection
Economical-Electronic components are combined according to modules, heating heads are optional, and the flexible design of the power supply system achieves minimum energy consumption
Convenient and easy to use-you can use a PDA, laptop and other laptop computers to connect to the USB interface for instrument configuration and maintenance
Flexible interface-with RS 485, SDI-12 and pulse output basic ports, can be connected to data recorder output, automatic weather station or PC
Sophisticated design-the rugged aluminum housing and the Y-shaped symmetrical layout of the measuring head, this design prevents splashing raindrops from entering the laser zone
Compared with the Parsivel generation, Parsivel2 mainly has the following improvements:
Provide USB connection, easy to configure and maintain
The light source is changed to infrared light to reduce the interference of visible light
Rain measurement accuracy increased from 15% to 5%
The particle size accuracy has been increased from 3 to 1
The original data does not need to be corrected
Integrated temperature sensor
IP67 standard seal protection
1.5W power consumption (one generation is 7W)
Stronger instant heating capacity, 100W heating power (50W for first generation)
Application range
Automatic monitoring of weather phenomena: the device can directly analyze the precipitation particle size and movement speed in the current air, and directly output the weather codes according to the WMO weather classification, such as drizzle, light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, hail, snow, fog, etc. .
Evaluation of artificial rain increase: Through the network detection of Parsivel2, analyze the changes of rainfall and drip spectrum with time and region to quantitatively evaluate the effect of artificial rain increase.
Precipitation measurement: It can directly replace the tipping bucket rain gauge; it can also be used for the agricultural meteorological rain measurement in sorghum fields with a raised bracket. Direct measurement of precipitation distribution and amount of precipitation, no need to consider precipitation density, duration or type of precipitation. The precipitation particle size distribution can be obtained directly by measuring the particle size and velocity of each particle.
Road conditions and airport weather warning: the device can measure the current weather phenomena and visibility, and can be used for highway management and airport take-off and landing management.
Early warning of floods: It can quickly and accurately measure precipitation and precipitation distribution, and provide measured data for early warning of floods.
Rain test radar calibration: This purpose can be achieved by combining rain test radar (atmosphere affects the accuracy of the measurement) and Parsivel2. Parsivel2 provides the function of raindrop particle size distribution on the ground and the derivation of the ground Z / R relationship-this function is used to adjust the reading of the rain radar. The use of Parsivel2 and rain measurement radar together can greatly improve the telemetry accuracy of the rain measurement radar.
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Technical index
Optical sensor: Laser diode, wavelength 780nm, 0.5mW output
Measuring area: 180×30 mm (54 cm2)
Measuring range: Particle diameter 0.2 ~ 5 mm (liquid precipitation), 0.2 ~ 25 mm (solid precipitation); particle velocity 0.2 ~ 20 m / s
Particle size classification: 32 particle size grades and 32 speed grades
Recognition of precipitation type: 8 types, including drizzle, light rain / rain, rain, rain and snow, snow, rice snow, freezing rain, hail.
Accuracy of precipitation type identification: The accuracy of automatic recognition of freezing rain, rain, hail, and snow is greater than 97% of the accuracy of manual professional observation
Report output: Type of precipitation according to WMO 4688/4677 (SYNOP) 4678 (METAR) and NWS code table
Rain intensity: 0.001 ~ 1200mm/h
Rainfall accuracy: ± 5% (liquid precipitation) / ± 20% (solid precipitation)
Impact momentum: 0.001~30KJ
visibility: 100~20000m ±10%
Radar reflectivity Z: 9.9~99 dBz ±20%
Measurement interval: 10 seconds ~ 60 minutes
Power supply: 10 ~ 28VDC, battery protection, software-controlled heating device switch automatically adjusts antifreeze heating device (icing or snow accumulation) (12/24 VDC)
Power consumption: 1.5W (60mA @ 24VDC), 50 / 100W (4A @ 12/24 VDC) during instant heating
Overload protection: EN61000-4-2 / 4/5/6 (4kV and 10V / m), integrated power supply and wires
Interface (configurable):
RS485, SDI 12, pulse output, USB2.0 (configuration and maintenance)
Material: Anti-corrosion aluminum alloy
size: 670 × 600 × 114mm
weight: 6.4 kg
Environmental conditions Temperature range -40 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃; humidity range 0 ~ 100% relative humidity
Protection level: IP 65, the sensor sealing part is IP67
installation: Installed on a steel pipe with a diameter of 50 ~ 62mm
EMC/EMI: EN 61000-4-3, CE;EN55022 class B, CE


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