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Hydro-T temperature recorder

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Hydro-T temperature recorder

Product description
Technical indicators
Sea-bird Scientific Hydro-T adopts advanced professional technology, which is very suitable for long-term continuous measurement and recording of underwater temperature. After repeated field experiments, the Hydro-T temperature probe is used for long-term temperature measurement and has long-term data stability (1 to 2 years). The time that the probe can be continuously placed is related to the sampling frequency set by the user, and it can be monitored continuously for up to two years.
Hydro-T has high accuracy, and not every customer has such high accuracy requirements in actual applications. Therefore, for most customers, Hydro-T only requires a lower calibration frequency or no calibration for life. For example, if you only need an accuracy of ± 0.01 ° C, you do not need to calibrate Hydro-T for at least 5 years.
Since Hydro-T is developed and manufactured by Sea-bird Scientific in the world of warm-salt deep technology, sensor calibration at the factory is also world-leading. Cutting-edge design, supplemented by sophisticated manufacturing processes, to ensure that the accuracy, precision and cost performance of this equipment reach a high standard.
Application field
Used for continuous measurement of the following water bodies:
Estuary bay
Lakes and reservoirs
Rivers and streams
Performance characteristics and advantages
Low-cost, high-precision temperature recorder powered by batteries.
Very good stability; typical drift value is less than 0.002 ° C / year.
Fast and convenient data download; data is automatically output in degrees Celsius.
Each Hydro-T is strictly calibrated at 11 points in the calibration tank of Sea-bird Scientific. This is based on the US NIST indoor measurement standard.
Other features
Communicate with computer via standard USB 2.0 cable (included)
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Technical index
Measuring range -5 ~45℃
Typical stability 0.0002°C (0.002°C/year)
Initial accuracy ± 0.002°C
Resolution 0.0001℃
Clock accuracy 5 seconds / month
power supply 3.6VAASaftLS14500 lithium battery (no harm)
1 second interval 5.3 million samples (61 days)
5second interval 4.9 million samples (284 days)
15 seconds interval 4.1 million samples (717 days)
data storage 15.9 million samples
case Plastic, 1,500 m (4900 ft)
weight 0.2kg (0.4lbs) in air, 0.05kg (0.1lbs) in water


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