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Sea / Land Biogeochemical Observatory (LOBO)

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Sea / Land Biogeochemical Observatory (LOBO)

Product description
Technical indicators
LOBO is a real-time water quality monitoring system developed by Dr. Ken Johnson of the MBARI Institute in Canada. LOBO provides routine, powerful and accurate water quality measurement, especially suitable for sensitive and diverse ecological areas such as estuaries and inland water bodies. Can be installed on the buoy or fixed installation, divided into the following four types:
Buoy type (Bay LOBO): used for water environment monitoring of offshore, lakes and reservoirs.
River LOBO: used for monitoring the water environment of rivers and estuaries.
Dock-based (Dock LOBO): fixed on the shore, beach, beach and other water environment monitoring
Fixed bottom type (Benthic LOBO): It is used for monitoring the water environment of lake bottom and sea bottom.
Measurable parameters include:
Physical parameters: temperature, depth, salinity (optional), flow (optional) and turbidity.
Chemical parameters: CDOM, nitrate and dissolved oxygen.
Biological parameters: chlorophyll, etc.
LoBO is equipped with floating platform, power supply and wireless transmission system, installed sensors, automatic data processing and archiving software, and data visualization display software based on network platform. Customers only need to install the software and make some corresponding configurations, and put LOBO into the water body to be tested, and the data can be automatically transmitted to the website for customers to view at any time.
LOBO uses high-precision and high-stability sensors and is equipped with an anti-biological pollution system, which can provide high-quality data within the longest delivery time and minimize maintenance costs.
Sensors that can be integrated into LOBO include:
Satlantic's nitrate sensor
WETM's WQM system is equipped with chlorophyll, turbidity and Bio-WiperTM (anti-biological pollution device).
Sea-Bird's conductivity (salinity), temperature, depth and dissolved oxygen.
ECO series fluorometer.
Nortek's current meter
GPS tracking device
Weather station
LOBOviz software
LOBOviz software is a very important and valuable component of the LOBO system. It can automatically collect, process, archive and publish data from sensors, and users can simultaneously view and compare data from different sensors at different monitoring points through the website.
Automatic data processing and data quality control
Remote control of sensors
Measurement through various LOBO platforms
Graph the data on the Internet through the data query port.
List export data
Logging in to Google Earch to view measurement data using a mobile wireless device
Use in conjunction with existing websites or customers' own websites.
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