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SUNA V2 Nitrate Analyzer

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SUNA V2 Nitrate Analyzer

Product description
Technical indicators
Sea-bird Scientific SUNA V2 (Underwater UV Spectroscopy Nitrate Analyzer) is a UV Spectroscopy Nitrate Transfer Analyzer that does not use chemical reagents. It uses ISUS (In Situ Ultraviolet Spectroscopy) UV nitric acid developed by MBARI Research Institute The salt determination technology, with the help of the Satlantic technical team, revised the design and developed the second-generation UV spectroscopy in-situ analyzer SUNA V2, which is used for the raw of nitrate in the increasingly harsh field environment (high turbidity, high CDOM) Bit long-term monitoring.
Through the improved optical system and built-in intelligent sampling adjustment system, SUNA V2 can achieve accurate measurement of nitrate in various water bodies (from the blue ocean to stormy rivers and stream runoff), leading the industry in accuracy and stability.
SUNA V2 is a solution for nitrate online monitoring. The many optional features provided by SUNA V2 make it the most cost-effective choice for daily nitrate determination.
Application field
Used for long-term online monitoring and profile measurement of nitrate in the following water bodies.
Lakes and rivers
Coastal estuary
Drinking water storage
Agricultural irrigation system
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Technical index
2μM / 0.028 mg / L or 10% (10mm optical path)
4μM / 0.056 mg / L or 10% (5 mm optical path)
Short-term accuracy [3σ]
0.3μM (T-S-corrected fresh water or sea water)
2.4 μM (sea water [0-40 psu])
Long-term drift
0.3 μM / hour lamp time
[T-S-corrected fresh water or sea water]
1.0 μM (Seawater [0-40 psu])
Turbidity range 625 NTU(10 mm Light path)
1250 NTU(5 mm Light path)
examination range 0.007 to 56 mg / I-N (0.5 to 4000 μM)
Wavelength range 190-370 nm
Lamp life 900 h
Input voltage 8 – 18 VDC (with biological brush, 8 – 15 VDC)
Power consumption 7.5 W (0.625 A at 12V)
shell material Polymerized acetaldehyde / titanium alloy
Depth level 500 m (100 m with biological brush)
weight 2.5 kg (3.1kg with biological brush)


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