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Oribisphere 3660EX

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Oribisphere 3660EX

Product description
Technical indicators
Measuring the concentration of oxygen or hydrogen in hazardous areas


-Measure the concentration of oxygen or hydrogen in hazardous areas
-No warm-up is required for accurate measurements
-Lightweight, waterproof, very rugged analyzer (ATEX certified.)
-Accurate measurement data storage function can be achieved without warm-up time, which can be downloaded to
-Computer analysis IP67 / NEMA4, all stainless steel housing
-Patented electrochemical sensor
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Technical index
power supply: Two No. 2 nickel-cadmium or alkaline batteries;
Total voltage: 2.4-3V.
Battery Life: Up to 40 hours of continuous use;
Signal offset: Less than 0.5%;
Digital interface: RS232;
Temperature measurement range: -5℃-100℃;
Measuring range: According to the selection of dissolved oxygen membrane.
Lightweight, waterproof and very rugged analyzer (ATEX certified).
On-line measurement of oxygen, ozone or hydrogen in a hazardous chemical environment. The rugged system is used for consistent and accurate measurement, display in a hazardous environment (3662) or display at a distance of 1000 meters from the probe (3660).
Online measurement of oxygen, ozone or hydrogen in a dangerous chemical environment, operating temperature range: 0 ℃ -45 ℃; communication method: RS485, RS232, 0 / 4-20MA output, determine the measurement range according to the probe selection.


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